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Fun Ways to Introduce Other Cultures to Your Children

When people approach me about sharing articles in my blog space, I don't say yes to every opportunity that comes along. . I am not big into writing about or accepting writing about things like tampons for any amount of dollars. I do accept articles that cover topics that I don't because I think that's an interesting supplement. Like this one:

Exposing your children to the many different cultures that are found throughout the world will make them well-rounded individuals who have a true appreciation for people all over the planet, not just in their home country. To make the experience of learning about other cultures more fun for your kids, though, you should follow the helpful tips and strategies below.

Explore Different Religions
Every religion has something unique to offer; yet all religions have the common theme of loving yourself and loving those around you equally. By exposing your children to the many different religious teachings from around the world, you can prove to them that everyone basically holds to the same hopes and values, but they express them differently and follow different scriptures or deities. You can study everything from Buddhism to Christianity on sites like Deily, and you can allow your kids to determine which religion they connect with most, rather than forcing them to believe in what you believe.

Indulge in the Delicious Cuisines of Different Cultures
One of the best and most fun ways to dive into a different culture is by indulging in its food. You can actually learn a lot about a culture by sampling its most beloved dishes, so make it a point to research some recipes that you can make at home, and find local restaurants that are family owned and operated and are serving up authentic cuisine. You may be surprised by how different yet delicious the flavors are, and your kids may find that their favorite dishes aren’t their own culture’s recipes after all.

Get a Map
The simple act of printing out a world map is a great way to show your kids where different countries are located and where different cultures come from. You can incorporate these lessons into your other strategies. For example, on a night during which you will be having Indian cuisine for dinner, you can take the map out and show your kids where India is located.

Visit Museums
Yet another fun way to teach your kids about different cultures from around the world is by taking them to a museum. You can go to a natural history museum that will focus on the evolution of various cultures from across the globe, or you can visit museums that are dedicated specifically to a single culture, such as the Native American culture. Museums are highly educational, and they provide parents with a host of resources that they can use to teach their kids more about diversity and global cultures. So go ahead and plan a day at the museum and visit all of the exhibits that will expose your kids to the artwork and history of people from other countries.

These are just a few of the many fun ways that you can teach your kids about other cultures from other parts of the world. Of course, you want to also teach them about your own heritage and its culture, but this is a fantastic way to raise kids who will embrace diversity.


Parents, how do you teach your kids about other cultures?

And a happiest of birthdays to one of my favorites, Jill.

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  1. We've exposed our children to different cuisines and cultures since they were old enough to eat solid foods and they love it! Both my kiddos also know simple Spanish and Japanese phrases as well. :)

  2. I think this is awesome. It irritates the hell out of me that I have cousins and relatives that know NOTHING about other cultures or religions, and turn up their noses when it comes to that stuff. When we have kids I plan to very consciously teach them that there's WAY more to life than the one we've got.

  3. LOVE this!!! I'm all about exposing children to as much travel and culture as possible. Hoping to raise my kids with a love for travel and an interest in how others live, eat, pray, etc... :-D

  4. This is definitely awesome! I think kids should be exposed to tons of things, people, cultures, etc. It helps create well rounded kids who are educated and less likely to become close-minded!

  5. I think that's the problem - people want to keep their kids in a bubble, almost feeling like they are "Protecting" them from the world - only making the world a worse place for their kid.

  6. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)

  7. oh i LOVE this. KC and I grew up quite differently, and it doesn't bother me exactly, but it makes me want to raise my kids (if and when they turn up) with more awareness and appreciation for the rest of the world.

  8. love this! ideally I would send my kids to an international school, but let's be real, I am not forking over that kind of money. so I will take them to all the restaurants ;) but seriously. and a foreign language is a must too!

  9. I also believe children need to be exposed to the culture (?) of disability. Learning about and accepting everyone without regard to differences includes those who struggle with any challenges.

  10. Embracing cultures is something that I value and would definitely pass on to my kids. I'm so grateful I grew up in a very diverse place and went to school with kids of all different religions and cultures. I celebrated their holidays as I did mine, plus the food and all the different traditions has always intrigued me. I took a "World Religions" class in college just to learn more...and that's when I fell in love with Buddhism.


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