Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thursday Thoughts: The Original

1. Do you know how hard it is to get rid of free things? Pretty fucking hard. We got a new bed for our efficiency at the shore, and I put the old one up on a local page for $50 - for a queen bed and boxspring. A few people contact me, and then got all aggressive "How much? Free, right?" One day before I need it out? Sure, now it's free. Come see it and get it out of there if you want it. The original description stated the age and appearance of the mattress. Do not interview me about this bed like I am a suspect in a murder associated with it. By 10 a.m. yesterday I sent MFD many fuck this and fuck these people texts and said I will actually pay for someone to come and pick it up rather than dealing with these dicks. It's free! Don't act like you're doing me a favor taking it. Take it or leave it but stop asking me questions about it.

2. Blog friends are the shit. Jen from That's What She Read mailed me her copy of The Woman in Cabin 10, which I've been dying to read even though I was stuck in the basement of the library hold list. And she's cool with me mailing it to Jana so we can discuss it for The Armchair Librarians before we send it back Jen's way. And Steph from Not Entirely Perfect sent me her Bumble & Bumble pret-a-powder to try.

3. Speaking of books, because I'm always speaking of books and feel a compulsion to do so, The Woman in Cabin 10 is the fourth book I've begun since Saturday. I've hit a streak of can't put 'em down novels. My personal sweet spot.

4. When I pop into Sephora, nine times out of 10 it's to re-stock my daily go-to lip product.

5. Geege went to the vet Tuesday night - he needs some teeth removed, which the in-home vets don't do. This was for his pre-dental surgery check-up. I also wanted to get him started with acupuncture before his back leg issues get worse. We're going with an acupuncture and injections treatment hoping to boost his energy and strengthen his cartilage. The golden turmeric paste the dogs are getting is helping too. I could make a full time job out of the health maintenance of these aging dogs, but I need my full time job to pay for them.

6. Yesterday our last renters of the summer checked out at the shore. It was a successful first season, and one in which I learned a gazillion lessons. I'm looking forward to not being on the business end of the house and instead actually enjoying it over the next few months. We have family and friends down in the next few weeks and most weekends in September and October with only one weekend of people we don't know in the house. September at the shore is one of my favorites. Last year we listed the house on VRBO the first week of January and were booked for the season by the second week of February. I'm hoping for more of the same, and given the amount of inquiries I've already had for the 2017 summer season, I think it'll happen. I already booked a week in July. Plan a head people are my favorite.

7. Last week I talked about officially reaching the point in the summer where I'm wearing the same five things with no regard for anything else in my closet. This week I talk about where I've officially reached the point in the summer where I have no desire to do any food prep or meal planning. Toast for dinner it is! 

8. Top two recent assholes: Lying Liar Lochte and EPI pen price gougers. 

9. Reminder. 
10.  E-card of the week: The poor bats, right?

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  1. I haven't tried the Ruby one, I have a nude colored one (like I'm 98% sure the color is Nude) and a berry one, but I don't like the berry as much because I feel like it easily smears outside my lip line and the whole point of the sugars (to me) is that I don't need a mirror to apply. How is Ruby when it comes to that?
    You are very welcome for the powder! Might as well test it before shelling out for the full size, that shit's expensive. The little size is adorable though and so nice for travel.
    I tell John all the time that I could probably quit working if it weren't for Hawkeye.
    #1 drives me batty. I don't even bother responding to anything, I'll post to craigslist and say it's outside and free come get it, I'll take the ad down when I see that it's gone but I'm not dealing with nonsense over it. You take it or you don't, it's not that hard.

  2. Finished Cabin 10 last night so bring on the podcast! I really liked it - it was engaging and the characters didn't annoy me, so five stars. I started RBG last night and it's already love!

    Can you just put the mattress on the curb on trash day? We have people who drive through the neighborhood early on trash day and pick up stuff like that, presumably to sell.

    I love Geege's resigned, at-the-vet face.

  3. So happy for the successful and insightful first shore renting season. Amen on the Lochte and EpiPen issues. Jmj. Goddess speed on this beautiful day. Love. Your. Momma.

  4. I keep hearing Loche is going to be on Dancing with the Stars... ugh.
    Aging pets aint for the weak hearted, for sure!
    Nothing better than the sharing of books. Its like the Traveling Pants sort of thing :)

  5. Whaaat, you would think you were trying to sell the bed for $500 not $50, with questions like that! I don't blame you for being frustrated. I think I'm number 25 or 26 on the hold list for the Woman in Cabin 10, but I'm kind of okay with it (for now) because I have so many other books I need to read first.

  6. i hate selling or giving away things to real people for that reason - i don't want to deal with people, especially the ones who act like i'm a) a store and b) need them to take it off my hands as a favour. bugger off.
    i can't see a page of a book - real or kindle - and not try and read it haha and the one on your kindle looks super interesting.................... do share :) but yay for can't put em down books! i read a bunch of crappy ones last month and this month has been way better.
    the epi pen thing for real though - wtf!
    toast for dinner is totally fine by me right now too. also, cereal, but we are out of cereal, so toast it is.
    poor Geege! hope all goes well.
    hope you enjoy your time without renters, and of course i hope you are inundated with renters for 2017 summer lol.

  7. My friend's family dachshund started to have serious back issues and they did a laser healing treatment for her? It worked wonderfully! She started acting like a puppy again after only a few weeks!

  8. One of my favorite things I read on Instagram this past week... "Do you lie a little or a Lochte?"

  9. Where did you list the bed? I had the same thing happen with selling furniture on Craigslist. I purposely write a detailed description and still get the stupidest questions and people trying to bargain things for dirt cheap. If it's free, they should shut the hell up and just take it. lol

  10. I really liked the colorless lip treatment therapy one. Ugh, it was just so expensive and I went through it pretty quickly. The nearest Sephora is like an hour away and ordering online added like $7 in shipping. Problems...
    I went back to Carmex actually and am loving it.

    I truly wish I had your reading ambition.

    I heard once that if you put a sign that says $5 on something that had previously said "free", someone will just steal it. Problem solved.

  11. Actually LOL-ing about toast for dinner! Same here. It's too hot and I'm too tired of being hot all day to cook a damn thing. Even chopping veggies makes me sweat so I'm not even making salads. Baby carrots and ranch dip for dinner over here!

    #9, YES! I find myself justifying things way too much, why I'm cutting this or that out or turning down this or that opportunity, making it seem as if things are quite complicated, but they're not. If I don't wanna, and I don't really hafta, I'm just not gonna. From now on. Mostly.

    Can't wait to read your next SUYB post because I think I've finally got some good reading momentum and want a whole lot of those can't-put-em-downs in the queue!

  12. Lochte is such a douche. Like way to make Americans look like entitled assholes.

  13. My heart warms when I hear you talk about taking such good care of your aging pug babies. It's the right thing to do, yes, but it is still a commitment and a labor of love.
    You have "Thursday Thoughts: The Original" which made me laugh because I was wondering "does Steph think I'm copying her with Thursday Thoughts?" Then, I thought "Naw, because I posted a couple last year when April (the striped flamingo) used to host a Thursday Thoughts link up". Then, I gave you credit when I picked back up doing them. Now, I am just thinking you should host your own Thursday Thoughts link up. Then again, I know a bunch of link-ups isn't really your thang anyway.
    Hooray for the good book mojo!

  14. I need to try the Fresh Sugar Ruby! And totally co-signing Ryan Lochte - absolute douche! I'm disgusted by the epi-pen price gauging, and that is what is wrong with Corporate America, so much greed! Happy Friday <3

  15. Anytime I try to sell or buy something directly to/from another human, I'm reminded why Amazon is so holy. And dang, I wanted to read The Woman in Cabin 10, but NetGalley judged me and found me lacking, I guess. Hope Geege feels better after the doggie dentist! With the year I'm having over here in Catladyville, I'm pretty sure it would have been cheaper to just go to vet school than to keep paying for vet visits.

  16. I swear the cheaper your item for sale is the worst people are about it. It's like oh drop $300 no biggie. You're giving this away? Gee I don't know if I can. I mean WTF? I have got to try the Fresh lip stuff. I keep saying that but damnit! I am so completely disgusted by the EPI pen thing. Insurance and pharmaceutical people are the damn devil. Glad you had a successful first year with the beach house. Hopefully next year will be just as great. Maybe without all the hassle of things breaking and getting vendors to cooperate and all that jaz :)

  17. My husband and I were trying to get rid of some old couches (years ago) and no takers. We put the couches out by the trash and it was gone in LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES! We are certain we know who took it, they were waiting the whole time. :D
    Blog friends are awesome!
    My husband and I just started using golden turmeric paste.
    Happy National Dog day to your babies!

  18. Definitely have done the same thing as Mrs. AOK and put something outside with a sign that days "free to a good home"... and it usually disappears within minutes. Better than dealing with idiots to be sure. The shore house looks so good!! Love that you had such great success booking it up this year... on to next year!!

  19. i have clothes in three closets, the dresser, the hamper and the trunk of my car, on my floor and at the dry cleaners. there are three pair of blue jeans, a sweatshirt and a half a dozen t-shirts that i wear on a weekly basis. the rest of my clothes are in the closet, the dresser, the hamper and the trunk of my car, on the floor and at the cleaners. and yet, i can't bring myself to part with any of them.

    from what i understand, a majority of the medals earned by the united states swim team were done by members who had never competed in the olympics before; michael phelps has close to thirty total and beat that asshat le clos, anthony irvin shocked everyone by winning the fifty splash and dash, but all anyone will remember of these olympics is the abysmally idiotic and grossly irresponsible behavior of that poser ryan lochte. that man sickened me at the previous olympics with that ridiculous grill and his stupidity. he's gone well beyond that now.

    and that e-card. that's awesome shit. :]

  20. It's crazy that no one was willing to take FREE items! (Well, not without interrogating you about them.) I get that some items are a pain in the ass to move, but come on.

    I'm on the waiting list at the library for The Woman in Cabin 10. I really liked In a Dark, Dark Wood, so I'm hoping her second novel is even better. It's nice that you were able to skip the line for that one! :-)

    Congrats on such a successful season with the shore house! That's awesome!

    I've also reached the no meal planning phase lately. In the past couple of weeks, we've eaten out/gotten takeout most days. Terrible. But ... I just can't be bothered with cooking lately. Whomp whomp.

  21. That's awesome that the shore house was so popular! I'm with you on wearing the same 5 outfits. Just yesterday I thought about reorganizing all of my clothes and getting my fall stuff out because I am OVER summer stuff, but unfortunately the temperature isn't quite at that point yet!

  22. omg lol to that random ass ecard, I love it. And I'm gonna actually say that I'm thankful for Ryan Lochte's idiocy. He's legit so stupid that it has been entertaining watching this whole pan out and watching the story unravel. Seeing Rebel Wilson always makes me happy, she's so funny. But that's annoying about the mattress - they're one of the hardest to get rid of for sure! People always put them just on the street corners here.

    1. PS - just looked at the VRBO listing. So cute! I want to stay there.

  23. Ha, I have so many damn clothes in my closet and yet when the weather is hot and sticky I reach for the same 4 things that are non-constricting, loose and semi heat-proof. I feel like I wear the same flowy dress every single day.

    Agreed about the people who made your Asshole List - let's add Anthony Wiener to it today.

  24. I can't wait to read that book; I hope it is as good as everyone says. I put my request in for the large print version so I am only number 11 on the waiting list (although, there are only 2 LP copies, so we shall see if this is any better than being number 204 on the regular list).

    I am so over my summer clothes, yet I moved to the land of eternal summer and there is no end to the heat in sight. I miss fall.

  25. OMG - yes to the free stuff and the freaking lunatics who ask a million questions. What is it with people? Poor Geege - I feel you on the aging dogs . . . I'm taking my Golden mix to the vet tomorrow because she keeps randomly limping and has some weird fatty patches. Hope Geege is okay and feels better with the accupuncture! I'm glad you're going to get to enjoy the shore house more this fall . . . it is absolutely my favorite time of year! I even had the windows open for a couple of hours until it got way too hot - just to enjoy the fresh air and nature noises.


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