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How to find the perfect engagement ring

If you saw that title, know me, and guessed that I did not write this post, you would be correct. Ah, engagement rings. For some people, the ring is the thing. For others, they might prefer new furniture or a trip to Africa (I may or may not be speaking about myself). Here's a post on how to find the perfect one from my friend Jesse across the pond.

Proposing is definitely one of the most nerve racking moments in any relationship. Some decide to propose armed with an engagement ring but others decide it’s better to let their better half pick after the question has been popped. Picking an engagement ring is probably as important as the proposal itself; as they can be so expensive, it’s vital that the engagement ring is perfect. So here are three steps to outlining the perfect engagement ring for your special occasion.

Pick the Perfect Shop to Purchase Your Ring

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when deciding which shop to get your ring from, so it’s important that you research into it to ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for. Where you decide to shop will vary depending on your budget and ideal ring, but make sure you pick somewhere with high quality materials and designs. You don’t even have to hit the mall as there are lots of websites on the internet that offer beautiful, high quality engagement rings at competitive prices. Check out this website for example.  So, start looking for your prefect engagement ring from the comfort of your couch!

Take a Quiz

You’re probably a bit intrigued by this, but there are lots of quizzes on the internet which can help you to figure out what your perfect engagement ring is. They can be a bit quirky and will bring the fun into choosing your ideal ring. It’s not just a bit of fun though, these quizzes are perfect for helping outline what you’d like in a ring. As it’s going to spend so much time on view, it’s important that the ring is a perfect suit, so why not try anything you can to find your perfect match.

Decide Your Ideal Stone and How Big You Want It

Around 90% of engagement rings sold are made with diamonds, but there are other choices too. Maybe you’re a bit unique and want to stand out from the crowd, or maybe you’d like to stick with the classic popular choice, either way it’s important to choose the stone you want. The size of the stone and type of stone you decide on will significantly affect the price that you pay, so when researching into stones make sure you have a budget in mind.

Engagement rings come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. There’s so much to choose from that you can often feel overwhelmed and stressed during the process of finding and buying a ring. We all know how important engagement rings are when deciding it’s time to pop the question, so follow the three steps above and there’s no doubt you’ll be successful in your engagement ring quest. Don’t feel anxious or overwhelmed, this should be one of (if not the best!) shopping trips you’ll ever embark on. So if you’re about to propose, good luck, or if you’ve already got your desired answer, congratulations! It’s time to enjoy finding your perfect engagement ring. 


Did you help pick your ring or were you surprised with it? 
If you're not engaged or married, would you like to pick it or be surprised?

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  1. Of course, I have a lot of thoughts and opinions about this, since I've worked in the industry for 6 years at a family owned business with my husband being the jeweller and often designer of rings. But, I admit those opinions are extremely biased.
    I just give lots of caution to anyone that is considering purchasing an engagement ring online. Also, I love the options of colorful stones as an alternative to a diamond engagement ring, but not all the stones shown in the link provided are suitable. Some of those stones are way too soft for a ring that is most likely to be worn everyday. Diamonds, colored diamonds, and sapphires/rubies are always safe options. Other stones such as emeralds, aquamarines, and morganites are suitable options depending on a secure and protected setting. Those are two of my helpful bits of advice to add to this post.


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