Thursday, October 21, 2021

Thursday Thoughts - there goes the loudest woman this town has ever seen, she had a marvelous time ruinin' everything

1. 'Tis the season for seaglass on almost all walks - these are Wednesday lunch, Monday after work, and Sunday night finds. And me with my trusty shell bag wrapped around me like the dork I am. No regrets.

2. I know people wear navy and black together, but I am not those people, and I am horrified when I am out and look down and see that I am. 
3. After work I took the best friend dogs to Corson's Inlet to meet MFD. It was a warm, quiet night with beautiful sunset color but I will always wish for some clouds during sunrise or sunset to provide interest. My favorite parts are the way the water can look and the way the rising or setting sun hits off the clouds so cloudless scenes feel like a quiet goodbye. Anyway people were riding their horses down there and the best friends are very very afraid of horses. LOL

4. We went down to see the full Hunter's Moon last night as well. It's been a super flat ocean this week.

5. Basically trying to walk as much as possible and spend time outside as much as possible both at lunch and after work. And sleeping in in the mornings. Hydrating. Taking my vitamins. This is my fourth day out of four blogging this week which hasn't happened since I don't know when. And let the record reflect that I have made dinner Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. Last night was just some fridge clearing pork roll, egg, and cheese in a bowl, but still.

6. I'm about 200 pages into this monster. It's 576 pages, and at about 100 pages a day it will still take me at least five days. I am a person who likes to get through a book in two to three days. Pre-Corona I would have said 0-2 but we all know how the brain has changed over the past 19 months. Jana and I also picked SUYB prize winners which you can see on the widget.

7. Buying this week (amazon links are affiliate): Stash Super Mint Tea that I will mix with regular peppermint tea, cheapo $10 sunglasses to replace the same pair I  lost, under sink organizers - this, this, this, three Christmas gifts, Liquid Death sparkling water. Also replaced my NYX micellar water I use at night in lieu of face wash because I am usually lazy. It's a makeup remover but I don't wear face makeup so I can't vouch for that. I might wear mascara once or twice a week which it is good at removing. 

8. I can barely bring myself to speak of the rape on a SEPTA El train in Philadelphia that people watched and filmed for eight fucking minutes instead of intervening in or the brutal violence at my alma mater of a guy beating his ex girlfriend over a long period. Men need to work hard to end the violence and rape culture they have created in this world. Yes, I said men need to do that. We are no longer saying rape and violence against women because there is no men in that sentence and they are the main perpetrators. Men rape and commit violence against women and it is their responsibility to address that with each other. I would of course help any woman at any time but am not an expert and they are out there ready to mobilize and help people. RAINN is the national free confidential sexual assault hotline open 24/7 via chat or phone and you can visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline site that has directions on how to browse and clear your internet history as well as options to call, chat, and text. It's also 24/7 and confidential. 

9. Reminder via artist Kerry Khan - I think this is a hard thing for many of us to accept...that even good things come to an end. Nothing lasts forever. 

10. Ecards
It's another gorgeous day in my parts - hope it is in yours too!

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is The Last Great American Dynasty by Taylor Swift 

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