Monday, October 25, 2021

TWTW - the return of Friendsgiving

Friday I stayed up until 1 am Thursday night to finish a book because I thought Friday would be much easier than it was workwise but woof. I finally got up around 1 and picked up library holds and CBD for Gus. After work I took the best friend dogs down to the beach, ordered Randazzo's, cleaned up a bit upstairs, and painted my nails. I was exhausted and in bed by 9:45 when Evan and Jenny arrived. 

Saturday Up by 6:30, showered and to two stores soon after, and I met MFD on the beach for Beach Sweeps Fall Cleanup, which he took over this year. I headed back to the house and made a zillion meatballs, then he did some sausage and I got sauce going. 
We did Friendsgiving at the shore this year and Italian instead of turkey, and I so appreciate everyone making their way down here for the day or weekend. We spent about nine hours together eating and laughing and talking about stupid shit. We don't see each other as often as we used to but I always have a great time when we do. I've known Kim since I was little because she lived on the street behind me, was in elementary school with Jimmy, met MFD in junior high and the rest of them sophomore year of high school, incorporated partners over the years who fit too, and we've been flowing through life together since. You cannot replace friends like these. There are not many people I will stay up until 2 in the morning with or for either - these people are about it. I really missed both Girls weekend with my junior high and high school girls and the Sannelli summer party and Friendsgiving with this crew in the 2020 Covid hellscape - as adults to get everyone together is extra special. Having a professional photographer in your crew to do a group shot is also extra special. Evan Leslie Images if you are in need of product/web/corporate/infant/ indoor or outdoor portrait photography - he's doing some rebranding and getting his studio finished up if anyone is looking for holiday portraits or hated your kid's school photo! 
Sunday Gus's 5:30 am whining was extra extremely unwelcome since we literally just walked the dogs and dropped into bed at 1:45. I was doing coffee by 8 and running to the store for tomatoes for bacon breakfast muffins. Chris and Diana came over by 9:30 and soccer was afoot on the telly. Evan and Jenny left after the first game, and the four of us hung out doing fuck all until about 2:30, then Chris took us out to dinner at The Anchorage in Somers Point. We came back and finished out the Eagles game and watched Saturday's SNL. They left close to 9, we walked the dogs and fell out soon after. 

I am tired tired tired today, but had a lovely weekend and hope you did as well. I am also mostly off work and taking care of some shit I hate doing like mailing packages. 

Happy last week of October. Where the fuck did this year go?

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