Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Normalize these things


Not explaining yourself to other people

Not finishing books you don't feel like finishing for any reason - at any point...three pages in, 100 pages in, 25 pages from the end

Reading for pleasure, not to learn or improve

Expressing joy even when the world is not a joyful place

Aging in a manner that does not try to re-capture the appearance of youth

Lower income people who get any type of government assistance having things and doing things because everyone deserves to live in some way that is not necessary and you don't get to judge them for it like a sanctimonious asshole

Wearing and re-wearing clothes you’ve had for years 

Relationships and friendships running their course or changing - not everything lasts forever, and not everyone is meant to be on your journey with you forever, and that is okay - there shouldn't be bad feelings about that

The importance of platonic love, investing in it, and telling your friends you love them. There are forever people too. Know who they are and treat them as such.


Actual work/life balance in action

Kids not being good at every subject in school

Kids not liking sports

Saying no when you don't want to do something even if you feel pressure to say yes

Changing your opinion when you receive new information

People not drinking alcohol without you knowing why

Living outside of social media and not explaining where you’ve been if you’ve been off of it 

People not getting married or having children

All body types being the body types for whatever those people want to wear

Not touching and not making kids hug and kiss people unless they want to. Not everyone wants a hug or a handshake in the times of Corona or in like, regular every day times

Contacting elected officials to give them your opinion on anything, especially what their votes should be on big bills

Reusing and repurposing whatever we can 

People loving who they love and being attracted who they are attracted to and hetero not being the only sexuality out there

People prioritizing mental health over everything, including and especially their jobs, even if they are athletes or celebrities, jobs you in your non-doctor opinion think they should be fine doing regardless of health issues

Full sex education in schools

Going to the library - they are great resources for free community events plus all the books are freeeee! And you can get them digitally if that's your bag. If you don’t have a card, sign up for one at your local branch

Treating people and families dealing with addiction with compassion instead of derision because if it is ever your family, you will need that compassion

Wearing what you are comfortable in and not downplaying your appearance to others like you're some sort of slob because you are comfortable

Making all possible accommodations for disabled people and people with limited mobility 

Body hair on women

Valuing everything in women over them being nice and quiet

Having a packed bag in your car with a bottle of water, first aid kit, blanket, power bar, flashlight - bags and flashlights like some of these on EcoGearFX

People using pronouns they prefer without commentary from you

Talking freely about periods, post partum depression, menopause 

Men being emotional people

Talking about race and confronting white supremacy in ourselves and each other

Talking about important shit offline

Not accepting and summarily dismissing harmful shit as a "difference of opinion" you can co-exist around. Co-existing with other people's racism, misogyny, classism, and hypocritical ignorance and refusing to address those things in ourselves when they surface is one of the ways we've gotten to this period in time in this country

Happy happy birthday to Lori, one of my Life Journey People. Related by blood but also a soul connection. We are here together on purpose. 

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