Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Look it up

When I was younger, I spent a lot of time studying and doing research in the library. A lot of time fucking off there too. But I loved looking things up for projects, etc. Now I do that on Google, of course, like you. What I look up ranges so widely, and google search histories on phone and computer always make me laugh. I don't know why. Some of mine from this past week:

Five gallon water dispenser - our big water cooler shit the bed at the shore and we're not replacing with one that needs to be plugged in. Decided on this one and my Dad sent a coupon for BBB 

Best places to travel this winter - I'm getting the itch, but am not ready to leave leave the area at this time. Check out this guide to the best all-inclusive resorts for families in Puerto Rico - I've only been there once, in a girls' trip long ago in our late 20s that involved endless cocktails, near drowning, Billy Jo-El, and risking life and limb to save a bucket of beers being swept out in a vicious tide...I think a return trip would be quite a lot calmer and I'd also do more island seeing. We are also probably not great candidates for all-inclusive any more since MFD doesn't drink and I barely do, plus I am always itching to try local restaurants not eat all food in one place. Still nice to look on a windy late October day. 

Can dogs eat bell peppers? Yes...they can. And mine do, with gusto

Peel and stick wallpaper for bathroom - your woman is back plotting DIY schemes at the shore

Eleanor Roosevelt - Had to get a picture of her in my mind during Friendsgiving

Caribbean Joe Beach Chair - Dad & Carol have these. MFD and I are in the market for higher beach chairs as age progresses LOL. Possibly not that high though, so I will probably go to a local store on the island for like a mid-height chair

Soup for one - It's me for the next few days, and I'm in the mood for some soup but not vats of it. I obviously know how to halve or quarter a recipe but I will usually search to see what pops up. I rarely know what I want to eat anymore and search will help with that. I might do a mushroom barley soup. 

OCNJ handyman - Continuing the quest to find someone who will show up to give me a quote, actually provide the quote, and then actually commit to doing the work for some small jobs around the house that are out of our purview 

occipital tumor - what is a post like this without an according to Web MD, I'm dying entry? I'm not, of course

Paulina Porizkova Settlement - I follow her on IG and love her. She's wonderful on aging and it's nice to see a supermodel challenge notions of aging and attractiveness as it relates to women. I've been following her since her dickhole Cars man husband cut her out of his will completely a month before he died. I'm glad she got what she deserves

Black-owned spice companies - Carol cleaned out my spices for me at the shore and in Philly and I'm in the process of replacing some, not all, because there were a lot I was not using. I have a few at the shore from Chef Curl Ardee and am expanding more, trying some Kara Felicia this time. The rest will round out from Penzey's or the supermarket because I'm not bougie in all spice ways

Ted Lasso crew - that was an image search but since we're talking about it, I still have not watched season two. I'm going to hold out until the time change so I have something feel good to look forward to. 

when was smoking outlawed on airplanes - it started being banned in 1988 on flights less than two hours and was fully banned by the federal govt in 2000. Crazy, right?

unsplash - if you often need graphics for free, there are some good stock shots on here 

Red's Jersey Mex - a takeout menu for a local Mexican place we hadn't gotten from before - it was excellent and we will be back

What's in your recent search? 

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