Monday, October 18, 2021

TWTW - sunny days

Friday Flex time for the win, the afternoon was beautiful and warm on the beach and ordered 16th Street Seafood. 

Saturday Was gorgeous but windy, definitely not a beach sitting day. MFD is the self proclaimed heel care king so he gave me a driveway pedicure only he does not do cuticles, polish, or any sort of nail maintenance so a heelicure? Painted my toes Essie like a charm and nails Essie payback's a witch/OPI This Shade is Ornamental! My dad made breakfast and then I lolled around reading for a few hours before taking Ben on a walk. Carol had gone through my mugs so we took them to the thrift store and donated them and picked up a few new glasses there. We also did a quick run through Stainton's before coming back for dinner. Carol made pizza American style which I haven't had in forever and I love. I was laying down early. Approaching the time change kills me. 

Sunday I was up by 7 telling scary stories to the animal crew. Carol and I were on the road by 10:15 for Dana's shower at the Mainland in Manahawkin, which was a gorgeous setup. It was a nice day with family I have not seen in person since before the pandemic to sit around surrounded by beauty eating good food and celebrating a happy occasion. Lola got to help with the gifts and she was very pleased. Carol, Aubrey, Lola and I hit HomeGoods on the way out because you always go to a foreign HomeGoods if you can and that one was a good one. I ate a sandwich for dinner and took the best friend dogs on a sunset walk that ended up being good for sea glass. I was done by the time I got home, I am out of practice being in the company of more than a few other people at once and it's great but I'm always very tired after. I blobbed myself on the couch watching the actual Blob movie MFD put on and promptly fell asleep to. It is terrible. 

Monday! Have a good one.

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