Monday, October 11, 2021

TWTW - settling into October

Friday Work was brisk. Carol and my Dad came back to the shore, and Carol made salmon and pasta for dinner. I took Bruce and Ben down to the beach and it was a beauty of a night. Came back and painted my nails, read, and relaxed. 

Saturday The return of the Fall Block Party, although not the full return of how we typically do the Block Party. The girls will be back for the weekend next year. I got to do it with first timers this year which always increases my appreciation for something I already enjoy - Dad and Carol and MFD. Dad and Carol will come back for the day next year but MFD probably is not invited back since he kept calling me for $1 and $3 and talking to everyone and making dad jokes. LOLOL They all loved the coveted grilled pretzels on our corner though so I'm happy I didn't overhype them. Weather was great, porch watching of the hubbub before and after was great, food was great. I was so happy for all the vendors, many of whom sold out of stuff after a 1+ years of no Block Party due to Covid. I was also happy to see Melissa and Stephanie and More Stephanie as they came through. It was a good day Can't wait to be back in full force next year! I also had to call the cops on the cops as a fleet vehicle was blocking the street and not picked up two hours after the street was open. We think they did not believe me when I made the call but they arrived within five and moved it swiftly.
I freaking forgot Ben's fourth birthday until like freaking 6 pm. MFD was thankfully still there and hoofed it over to Wawa for birthday cheeseburger, eggs, and chopped beef since we celebrate Mae's birthday with Ben's. Total fail as people who celebrate dog birthdays but the rally was strong. MFD took Gus and Billy home and I finished a book and started another before bed. 
Sunday Easy like Sunday morning as miraculously these dogs slept until 8. Mostly because Gus the 6 am dog was not there. I read, cleaned up, cleaned out the fridge, had a bagel, exchanged water jugs at ACME, returned books and picked up a hold from the library, filled my car up with gas, sorted through some towels, made wings in the air fryer (if you haven't, try Black-woman owned Chef Curl Ardee mild seasoning and lemon herb seasoning), put out some football food, placed my orders of what I need for the week, and read and did some blogging while Dad & Carol watched the Eagles game. I mean while I watched the Eagles game.
I made change your life chicken for dinner and missed my window to hit the beach with the dogs. I can do drizzle or coming dark but not both simultaneously. We were in bed by 9 and I was up until midnight finishing a book. 

Happy Indigenous People's Day! No, I am not off for this, have never been off for the artist formerly known as Columbus Day since I graduated college, and in general work every bank holiday as those who don't get them off call them. 

The 7th Anniversary of Show Us Your Books is tomorrow - see you here for that! There will be prizes. 

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