Friday, December 20, 2019

A Dog Owner's Checklist: Taking the Best Care of Your Pet

No, I did not write this, but I do approve this message. Second writing in a week courtesy of Maggie Hammond, proud momma to two littles and one too many furry friends. Passionate about alternative medicine, the great outdoors and animal welfare.

A dog easily and quickly becomes a key part of your life. Due to the long lifespan of dogs,
they will always be seen as additional family members for any household which has raised
and loved one. Dogs provide an abundance of positives, including a reason to maintain a
healthy lifestyle, love and devotion and simply a warm greeting when you arrive home from
an arduous day.

With this in mind, taking the best care of your dog is the least you can do in return. Here are
some of the key methods you can do so.

  • Find a Dependable Vet

While all veterinary practices maintain devotion to caring for your dog in the best possible
way, sometimes it may be that you simply don’t feel confident within a particular place.

Perhaps your dog reacts badly to one veterinary office compared to another, or maybe you
prefer the layout of an alternative vet you have visited.

Don’t compromise on the needs and comfort of both you and your dog, and make sure you
take the time to find the best vet for your circumstances and location, in which you can feel
comfortable and confident, such as Cherry Hill vets who offer a variety of high-quality
services, too.

  • Plan an Enjoyable Walking Route

No matter where you live with your dog, whether it’s a bustling city centre, on the outskirts of
a small town or a rural retreat, knowing precisely where you can get the best exercise for
your dog is paramount. Having a planned route means you always know where you’re going
and helps your dog to become familiar with its routine.

The best routes to plan include a place where you can let your dog comfortably off the lead
to have an adequate run, and where you can play with your dog, such as a large park or
field. Understandably, not all locations allow for this (such as busy city centers ) so it’s
important to check for the best routes near you which permit dog walking.

  • Take the Time to Train Your Dog

In order to get the best out of your relationship with one another, dogs need to be taught to
understand acceptable behaviors and how to best deal with certain situations. Training your
dog as soon as possible – ideally from an early age if you are raising a puppy – means your
dog will be capable of understanding important commands, such as when to come when

Lack of training can lead to difficult and reckless behaviors in dogs, as well as confusion
over authority.

  • Engage in Routine Care

No matter the breed or size of your dog, routine care should always include the following:

  • Regular grooming, washing and brushing
  • Dental care, with special attention paid to gums, as well as providing dental chews
  • Nail clipping
  • Flea treatment
  • Worming treatment
  • Regular vaccinations
  • Routine checkups

If you are ever uncertain about the right procedures for routine care or if you are having
trouble administrating certain treatments such as flea products or nail trimming, you should
always consult your veterinarian and ask for assistance – they will be happy to help.


Happy Friday!

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