Tuesday, October 5, 2021

TWTW - the one with the birthday

Friday I eased into the day with some fall nail painting, worked, made krauty chicken for dinner, and took the dogs back to their beach for the first time since April 30. Dog on people beach season again. Aubrey and the kids arrived around dinner and my brother later and MFD after him. 

Saturday Happy sixth birthday to my niece! I had the best friends on the beach at sunrise and came back to a fully decorated house. Aubrey killed it. My brother got the requested donuts and we all hit the beach. Lunch for adults from The Farm Stand at 14th. We biked down to Wonderland and saw some tremendous surf along the way due to Sam churning off-shore. Rides were ridden, and I did the swings which I will not be doing again. Vom. Aubrey made delicious pot pies and salad, we had cake and did a pinata and watched the new Addams family movie. I was dead ass asleep by 8:37. It was great to spend the day doing Lola's chosen things for Lola's day.

Sunday I made mimi's breakfast muffins (excuse the icon, I was not remaking the collage) and my Dad and Aubrey made eggs and pork roll and bacon. It was another stellar beach day. Angelo's pizza for lunch. Mae even made it down for the end and Lola walked her all the way back. Leftovers and porch time before Stephen, Aubrey, and the kids took off. 
Monday I was off to come down from my five month project and had no agenda and it was glorious. Porch and reading and walking the South End with Carol and the best friend dogs, then a trip to the Marshalls and Aldi in Rio Grande with Dad and Carol and clearing the fridge dinner while MFD did his driveway pedicure. Hashtag shitmfddoes

Happy happy birthday to Aunt Carrie today! She is the best. 

Here we are at Tuesday and mine is jammed since I was off yesterday. Have a good one!

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