Thursday, October 1, 2020

Thursday Thoughts - You wear sandals in the snow and a smile that won't wash away

1. Officially fall last week, officially October today. This time period we're living in is wild but time itself has remained consistent in how quickly it's moving. I'm transitioning my porch stuff to fall at the shore, which I never do, but I'm here so I'm doing it. The dogs are mostly annoyed that the new cushions have not arrived so they cannot sit in the style to which they have become accustomed. 

2. Monday I killed it at work, made a meal (deconstructed chicken parm, an old favorite), cleaned up a little, walked on the beach after work, and started a new book. I felt like a fully functioning adult again but something still felt weird. All of the changes and thought processes I've had this year have reminded me of so many conversations I had with Mom Mom about how she lived her life, and how things she was doing in her 80s were a result of ways her family adapted to living through a relatively short period of time early on in her life when everything was turned upside down - The Great Depression. I think this time period will alter our mindsets like that, where you act differently for the rest of your life based on a short period of time where the world itself was akimbo. ANYWAY the king bed finally has new skinny side tables after a long hunt, and if you are using refillable lamps this is the only one to use. I've been through my fair share of fillable lamps with shells. 

3. Speaking of Monday night: It was the best friend dogs' triumphant return to daily beaching that does not require a drive to Dog Beach and they were here for it. 

4. And this is Wednesday night. I love the approach of the Harvest Moon. 

5. Lest you think we only go on nice days. This was Tuesday?

6. Currently reading two books at once, which I never do unless one is nonfiction in which I need space to process and learn in between. Like with Hood Feminism. I could highlight every sentence it seems like. Show Us Your Books anniversary edition is October 13. There will be prizes. 

7. This morning 15 year old Gus took a messy walking poop on the sidewalk in front of the trump HQ office here. I guess that's how he feels about the debate. This is how I feel.  

8. Here are some random photos from the week including masks washing in (can we not), morning coffee, MFD in his 1970s lawn chair someone left here a few years ago that he loves and refuses to throw out, canine coworkers, shiny happy kitchen, sleeping 15 year old dog. 

9. Reminder 

10.  E-cards as we enter breast cancer awareness month - action over awareness. 

The words following the hyphen are the song I am listening to when I start the Thursday Thoughts post. This week is Building Mystery by Sarah McLachlan

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