Thursday, October 8, 2020

Thursday Thoughts - The less I say the more my work gets done

Starting the week off right. Mark and Sarah came down Sunday night and Monday at break time we hit Dog Beach so they could all run. Look at my dog nephew Harry enjoying his first trip there. 

Checking out the glorious skies Monday night after work, and eating a freaking delicious meal Mark & Sarah treated us to from the Crab Trap

Having my hair done by the fabulous Kristi. I went a little redder. Sensational Scissors out there killing it in the post-Covid safety department.

Getting my monthly acupuncture for wellness

Scheduling my tattoo appointment for the same day as acupuncture, my neck took a freaking beating. This is fresh fresh, not healed at all. Stacey at JayBird's is awesome! That's where I got my first tattoo when I was 19, when it was still owned by Jay. Now it's women-owned and run. Also extremely safe to Covid-world standards.
Missing the art in the city. 

Feeling it in Philly.

Asking if I could have a t-shirt and hearing "I didn't know if you liked Mike" in reply from MFD. LOL forever. He's having an in-person and virtual event Sunday if you are local or not local but interested in supporting: click here. Masks required and time set up for distancing - in other words not a super spreader event like the White House held. 

Doing a bunch of other things like you know, work, and laundry and flower bed clean up and not having spare time to read this week. I have been going going going and exhausted. 

Heading back to the shore today. In 2018 I lost October down there, one of my favorite months, for campaign season. Things are different now. 

Sharing this from thesquashedstories on Instagram about the top three things they learned this year. Great realizations for all of us.

Pointing out the disconnect, always
Sharing dog pics because it's a requirement
Listening to Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John (it's the lyric after the hyphen in the title)

Watching the VP debate and again asserting you cannot debate these people. Pence did not adhere to the agreed upon rules, talked over two women a million times, was a question behind the entire time, and fucking lied. Yeah, you've been following the science my fucking ass. Meanwhile your president tweeted "Mike Pence is doing great! She is a gaffe machine" at one point. Not even using her fucking name let alone her title. So empowering to women, much presidential. Kamala Harris was as good as one can be when "debating" soulless, unscrupulous, rule breaking, lying fucks. Everyone needs to stop expecting women in politics to set the world on fire effortlessly with no mistakes while tacitly accepting the mediocrity of men in politics. Be better. 

Reading the newest Lisa Jewell coming out this month. Well, I started it Sunday and haven't really read it since. I'll finish it soon. Show Us Your Books is Tuesday - sixth anniversary. There will be prizes and bonus used book giveaways. 

Taking off tomorrow for real. Hallelujah!

Reminding you - and reminding you that sometimes when other people do or do not do things they are minding their well being. Don't push on them. Or yourself to do things that don't jive with that. 


What's new with you?

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