Thursday, October 22, 2020

Thursday Thoughts - You can run but you cannot hide this is widely known

1. I don't know about you, but I sure would like to shed some dead ass shit dragging me this year of all years. Soon. Shall we?

2. This week has gotten away from me. Monday was five years long, and everything I had good intentions of doing and writing has fallen by the wayside. I've reached out and grabbed some shit on the fly, like returning insurance papers and feeding myself and dogs but that's about all I've mustered. And Lori celebrated her birthday Monday. And I saw an old friend Morgan who was around doing campaign stuff. Those were the best parts of the day. Oh! And I went to the post office Tuesday to mail a bunch of books and assorted other shit and returns. 

3. I also got the ancient baseboards in this old house replaced with more energy efficient ones. That work was scheduled but I would still like the points. Thank you. And I have intentions of going to the library today to pick up holds and tomorrow I drive into my office in Philly to pick up a few things which will undoubtedly feel like a zombie movie. I'm girding my loins for that. Between being within two weeks of the election, being back and forth between Philly and the shore, and life in corona land where shit keeps getting worse and people DGAF, I am in a weird fugue state this week and I am just trying to hang on until Friday night, using random AF to do lists along with a wing and a prayer to get through until then. 

4. Canine coworkers are not going to the company office. They have started demanding seats at the table and as a woman, I get it. 

5. Speaking of.

6. Can I not overstuff? No. I must. It's what's done. 

7. Signs signs everywhere is signs. I should film my face when I walk past the other signs. LOL. I walked past this house last night and thought, my people.
Then when I was looking through my camera roll pulling photos, I realized I identified with them because in Philly we are those people LOL. 

8. I am a bare feet in the earth type of person. I will be touching the sand in bare feet for as long as possible. It grounds me. I was happy to do that upon returning Tuesday night. The best friend dogs were happy too. I was going to bring the old dogs back, but they are serving as therapy dogs for campaign people working at our house and are in good hands with MFD's campaign manager. I think Bruce was happiest to be back. He did not do well with living in Campaign Headquarters. Neither did Ben. The energy is extremely different  - not bad different, just pace and activity-wise much different - than what they've gotten used to at the shore and they didn't react well. 
9. Reminder: 

10. Ecards...still editing documents at 8:30 on Wednesday night and writing this in between

How's your week going?

What appears after the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts posts is the song I'm listening to when I'm writing it - this week is Shower the People You Love by James Taylor. I'm not a huge James Taylor fan. 

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