Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Fall Intentions

Look, I am a confident person, but I am not throwing the words To Do or Goals or whatever into the either in Q4 of 2020. I'm a realist. Here are my Fall Intentions. 
  • Refrain from waiting until the last minute to do my Show Us Your Books posts in November and December. 
  • Resurrect some of my old recipes in hopes they inspire me to cook again.
  • Five new dip recipes (fall and winter) to close out Year of the Dip.
  • Finish out a few big replacement projects at the shore that were supposed to get done in the spring: some windows, some exterior doors, and baseboard heaters. These are all in the works. 
  • Paint some trim.
  • Spray paint stools.
  • Start Christmas shopping and shop small because this year more than ever small businesses need us to.
  • Make it out shelling twice a week. 
  • Keep up with my Netgalley advanced reader copies so I'm reading them at least by the time the books come out
  • Make the Friday Five a thing again
  • VOTE. I'm voting early absentee. 

Do you have any fall intentions?

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