Friday, October 16, 2020

Friday Five 10.16.2020

1. I try to tire the best friend dogs out at lunch every day so they don't disrupt my afternoon work flow.
2. I love this little decoration that is actually a TP hider Mrs. G dropped off along with a pumpkin and mask chain I am in desperate need of (do you need a mask chain? Check out my friend's shop The Green Room Accessories and Gifts). I missed actually seeing Mrs. G last night as I was out making my bi-monthly trip to Aldi which requires a drive but I plan to see her face before she leaves town tomorrow.
3. One of my favorite snacks: grape tomatoes.
4. The roasted pumpkin marshmallow Huntingdon Home Candle from Aldi is freaking amazing if you can get your hands on it.
5. If you're in the market for a bookish and Philly-ish sweatshirt, Harriett's Bookshop has this jawn but they have others as well. We just passed Prime Day. This is a reminder to support small businesses, and if they are both Black and Women-owned, even better. Amazon does not need most of us to survive. Small shops do. 

FINALLY. Pennsylvania friends, the deadline to register to vote is Monday. Even if you are already registered, please check your registration to make sure your name and address are correct and match what is on your ID. If you need help, please drop a comment or email me at

Happy Friday! What's on deck for you this weekend?

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