Friday, October 9, 2020

Friday Five 10-9-20

1. Happy third birthday John Bender. Sorry about the crap life you had before you got to us. You are amazing except when you spite pee. Let's work on that.
2. New slippers, can you even. I love TOMs slippers. They are not $15 slippers but they are durable AF and can walk outside etc. 
3. Accidentally double Ruthed myself this morning.
4. I voted yesterday! Anyone considering going to an early absentee location in Philly who has questions, please comment below or email me at I voted for this guy for state rep. I happened to be wearing that shirt, but intentionally wore my dissent pin as I have for every election since 2016, and my Fuck trump lipstick by Lip Slut. 50% of all earnings from F*ck trump go towards helping a civil rights organization targeted by the trump administration. This organization is chosen by the people.
5. This morning on the beach. It's weird when there's a sandbar and the water near the shore is so dead. I hope you find some pockets of peace today!

I'm off today and spending the day with my niece and nephew. Hope you have a good one! 

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