Thursday, October 29, 2020

Thursday Thoughts - And liberty she pirouette when I think that I am free

1. What time is it, what day is it. I’m skidding into Thursday coming at you live from Philadelphia. 

2. Where this morning, I went to work in my basement on something due by noon. When I surfaced, face unwashed, hair unbrushed, still in pajamas and not wearing a bra, I realized the entire campaign staff had arrived, as well as some volunteers I had not met yet. And the technician from the alarm company. COOL COOL. Women in real life, motherfuckers. Welcome to my home. That looks like this everywhere. 

3. Last night before I left the shore I ground my feet into the earth, communed with the moon (best friend dogs not into communing with the moon), touched a tear to the ocean, thought about who I am and how it does not matter who anyone else thinks I am, found the gift left for me, listened to the universe. 

4. Shelling has been stellar. Lots of broken dreams with a curve worth a save. 

5. I have spent almost all of my free time at the beginning of this week walking on the beach. Before and after work. At lunch. Just walking and thinking or not thinking. 

6. I did do a lunch break on the porch. I never sit out there upstairs and every time I do I'm like oh yes, I like it out here. The best friends do too.

7. This week's food survival sponsored by perfectly cooked eye round roast, Here Comes the Sun from Bungalow Bowls, and grilled cooper sharp cheese on whole wheat sprinkled with pink Himalayan salt. For a perfect roast: bring meat to room temp. Pre-heat oven to 500 and make sure you have a pan to withstand that heat. Rub roast with veggie oil and rub in salt, pepper, paprika, and if you have it a dash of truffle salt. Cook for five minutes per pound then turn the oven off and DO NOT OPEN IT for two hours. Do not open. Resist. 

8. For your consideration: The Love - Black Eyed Peas and Jennifer Hudson (cried), Tenacious D & guests do the Time Warp (vote). I don't have the bandwidth for anything more serious or in depth right now. There is so much at stake in this election. So many people out there hurting. There is a better path forward then this highway to hell we're on now. 

9. Reminder:

10. Ecards: I'm pretty sure this is my standard Halloween fare. 

How are you?

Lyrics behind Thursday Thoughts hyphen are Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel

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