Wednesday, September 30, 2020

This Particular Wednesday in America

Poetry by Rudy Francisco

I have a major headache. I attribute it to allergies and living in America at this time. 

I never watch debates and ended up doing so last night because MFD was watching it downstairs due to our TV upstairs needing reconnecting and we can't figure it out hashtag old people and Jesus take the fucking wheel. 

I am bothered by many things today, but top on the list are
1) Instead of denouncing white supremacy simply and concisely as he was given the floor specifically to do he told the Proud Boys to Stand Back and Stand By, which they are taking exactly as he meant it to be taken. 

2) People are going to vote for him EVEN THOUGH you should not be President of the United States of America if you cannot denounce white supremacy. He did mean it, it wasn't taken out of context, and if you vote for him you support systemic racism and white supremacy because you are unbothered enough by it to vote for him. Period. I'll give you your 2016 vote. This 2020 vote, there is absolutely no mistaking how racist this man is and what supporting that with a vote on Election Day means. That's on you. You're riding in the same car. You are and/or are with white supremacists or you're with the rest of us. That's it. That's the whole line. 

3) He is encouraging violence, voter suppression, and voter intimidation as evidenced by his idiot "poll watchers" rant in which HE TOLD HIS SUPPORTERS TO GO WATCH POLLS and said they were kicked out in Philadelphia. No one who is not an official poll watcher (you can sign up for these things, it's how democracy works) has the right to watch polls. It is voter intimidation, it is illegal, it should be reported to the Judge of Elections at your polling place and the ACLU, and if it were ever to happen to me I'd be taking a million photos of those people and wilding the hell OUT. That is fascist. That is not how America works. How can you flag wavers - I know you know that's not how things work - support this? 


5) People are saying the debate was a disaster as if the two participants and moderator contributed equally to make it a disaster and that is such an easy way out. The false equivalence is a MAJOR part of the problem here. They were not equally as bad. How do you debate a maniac who won't shut the F up? How do you control a narcissist? 

Add in the complete lack of compassion for 200,000 dead Americans and their families that did not have to balloon to those numbers AT ALL and the rest of the BS and man, I am just no today.

To counteract in any way possible, I...
-Am still hunting down the best ladies loungewear - perusing that site, and waiting on yoga pant arrivals from JCrew Factory and Stars Above pants from Target. I've had some fails from Amazon. I will go down the list from there.
- Heading to the beach after work with MFD and the best friend dogs
- Killing flies with surprising accuracy
-Vacuuming the crevices of my porch with a wet/dry vac which is oddly satisfying
-Setting all my shit up with my new home warranty - which is through America's Preferred Home Warranty because you can choose your own freaking contractors - but my own Internet keeps routing me to and I get so confused until I realize I'm in the wrong place

How are you? 

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