Friday, March 1, 2019

Birthday Month Commences

Happy March!

1. More daylight is coming. 
2. The 40/40 is coming.
3. My birthday is coming.
4. Shore house opening is coming. 
5. Spring is coming.

My gift to you is this photo of a Burger King birthday party of days gone by. I'm maybe five? Six? Mom? Jen is next to me in the left of the frame. Yes, kids, gather round for a story about the olden days when there were no grand pinterest perfect gorgeous extravaganza birthday affairs. There was your party at your house or Burger King up the street with paper crowns, non-helium balloons, kid meals, and you were happy about it then you went home. The End.  

I’m considering today’s morning snow winter’s parting precipitous gift. Thanks, it’s been a nice season of introspection and hunkering down and hygge but I’m ready to be outside in the world again, bye!

Public service announcement: women’s history month is every month, just like black history month is every month. Act accordingly.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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