Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Stories vs Stuff

Few things make me more aware of consumerism than Instagram.

I’m in marketing - I get ads and affiliate links. I like to share what I use and like and I like to see what other people use and like.

I do wonder what we’re promoting in ourselves and others when we are so focused on new things and what to buy or try next. Is it not worthy if it’s not new? Are we never satisfied with what we have? Are we hiding behind our things? Do we have nothing to talk about it we can't say look what I bought? Will we still own these items in two years or are we just churning items through our homes on their way to the landfill? 

My consumer habits are shifting, and I find myself more delighted in people sharing photos in eight year old sweaters than in a new one. Think of how many stories that sweater could tell. 

For me, that is the actual stuff: the stories of us and what we saw and experienced and felt and did in that sweater. The sweater is part of the story, but it’s not The Story. I’m challenging myself to rely less on stuff and show more of the story. Challenging you too if you’re up for it. 

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