Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Plant the seed and leave it

I used to plant a seed for growth or change and dig it up and poke it every morning to see if it had taken root. Sometimes I pulled it all the way out and sometimes I just moved the dirt around enough to unsettle it.

Nothing I did that to had the opportunity to secure itself enough to stay. 

Now I plant the seed and I leave it. I water it with my thoughts and let its roots traverse my brain and encircle my heart. I give it time and more importantly I give myself time to sit with it. 

If it’s compatible with my life it stays and if not it works itself up and out. Some things die soon because I am not a good soil for them; some stay for a season like annuals that are planted, flourish, and die every year; some things last for years like perennials; some things grow into the biggest trees that will line the rest of my journey here. 

Not everything is meant to take root, but nothing we self sabotage even has a chance to.

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