Thursday, February 28, 2019

Thursday Thoughts - instead of asking him how much of your time is left, ask how much of your mind, baby

1. The Nike ad that aired during the Oscars caused a swell in my chest. I loved every frame of it and how it called out everything people do to and say about women to hold them down and turned it on its head, using what they call crazy as motive and a way forward. Fierce and empowering. If you haven't seen it, Here it is. The comments are not a must though. Not even a maybe or a might.

2. Speaking of comments, I don't even argue with anti-feminists or racists and I certainly do not fuck with anyone who has eaten the Fox News lithium jello and refers to the late term pregnancy law in New York as killing babies after they're born. I cannot adequately express how fucking vile I think people who say that are, and how unfortunate for the small brain nutters of the world that they would have to themselves physically experience birthing a stillborn baby or dying in order to grasp how not a goddamn person would ever make that choice lightly or willingly like oh I've carried my baby for eight months but nah I changed my mind abortion time. There is a hell and you're going there because you pile more anguish on top of women who are already dying inside over a health issue of theirs or their babies that they can't do a fucking thing about. You are the absolute lowest of the low.

3. Well that went off the rails, but I'm in a don't fuck with me mood this week. I'm sick of wearing winter coats and feeling stuck inside and seeing gray skies and counting pennies and problem solving and commuting and internet comment sections and trump tweets and dogs throwing up and a bunch of other shit right now. Give me the sun and the shore and a few good breaks and let me live

4. I've spent a lot of the week in line at the post office on lunch breaks. Tomorrow I list the last big batch of clothes I'm selling then I move on to dealing with possessions in the kitchen and basement.

5. When I can't immediately recall the last time I washed my hair, it is definitely time to wash my hair. I'm trying a new dry shampoo this week as mentioned in Instagram stories on Monday. I swear that no dry shampoo allows me to go as long between washes as my favorite Living Proof.

6. In more hair news,  got this Silk18 Shampoo free from Maple Holistics to try. I tried their tea tree shampoo and conditioner a while back and still use it, so you know it's good. They've changed their overall packaging and I like it better. This shampoo is nice, lots of sudsy bubbles, which isn't always the case with sulfate free stuff. I like suds. Maple Holistics products are cruelty-free and holistic and I'm all about that. I like that they're local-ish to me in NJ as well. They have a lot of good alternatives to Head & Shoulders for those of you who need that type of product - I'm going to check some out for MFD. They also sell essential oils, bubble baths, massage oils, etc.

7. Since MFD or I went to the grocery store last Friday, Saturday, and twice on freaking Sunday, I only need a few things this week. Praise the lort. Time to finish cleaning out the freezer, no more on a whim meals until that’s done.

8. Could any GOP Senator get off the presidential dick long enough in the Cohen hearings to actually ask questions that have to do with what happened and not with Cohen's character? No, they could not, and yes, they are all complicit in any unconstitutional fuckery or campaign finance violations etc because they are just going along with it. They liked Cohen very very recently, when he worked for trump. I didn't like him them and I don't like him now. Country over party used to be a thing. No more. Senators need to step the fuck up.

9. Reminder: I don't hold grudges because that hurts me and no one else. I sure do hold boundaries and many times people act as if the two are interchangeable. They're not. Don't let anyone bully you into lowering a boundary because they're calling it a grudge.

10. Ecard of the week: In fact, it is, today. I would love to wake up tomorrow to 50 or above through the next two weeks. I know, pipe dreams.

How YOU doin'?

What appears after the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts is a song lyric to whatever I'm listening to when I start to write the post. This week is Let's Go Crazy by Prince

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