Friday, March 8, 2019

Five things I'm grateful for on this Friday in March and every day

1. Women who have put their voices out into the world, whether it be on a large stage, on a smaller community stage, or in their personal circles of family and friends to empower, encourage, support, and advance all women. Women I know and women I don't. Strong female framily I have been lucky enough to have from all stages of life who are the backbone of my life. All the people who are feminists and not afraid to show it and say it. The people raising little girls and boys who are committed to an equal, equitable future for every kid. International Women's Day is every day. Women's History Month is every month. The world does not run without women. Recognize and use your power for good. 
2. Fun plates as meals. 
3. Growing up on 90201, loving it through its ups and downs, still following the cast, still talking about the story lines, arguing with one of my BFF's husband's over Brenda/Dylan vs. Kelly/Dylan almost 20 years after the show ended, and the collective commiseration over the young and unfortunate passing of Luke Perry. We were not okay this week, not only because we loved the show but because we saw these characters as a just out of reach peer group and when someone dies unexpectedly like that our own mortality is put in front of us for us to examine. Despite the sad death of the man who played Dylan McKay to our collective delight and by all accounts was a kind and generous human and family man, it's nice to have ever had such a connection to something in the first place that would even bring that collective not okayness about. 90210 forever. 
4. Patterned shoes and colored shoes and personality shoes. 
5. Nail polish. If you ever see me without it, something is wrong and you should send for help.

Happy Friday in March: a few days out from longer light, one week out from my birthday, less than two weeks out from spring equinox. What five things make your grateful list today? 

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