Monday, March 11, 2019

TWTW - the pre-birthday weekend

Friday was my work from home day so laundry got done during the day, hallelujah. It didn’t get put away until Sunday because I’m not a miracle worker okay? I also renewed my license with a record in and out in 10 minutes at the DMV and was in and out of Target and Aldi all in a lunch hour. What a time to be alive. Friday night I made chocolate chip pumpkin bread in my nearly dead stove and stove top burgers with salad. I'm considering using sticky tile at the shore so I tried it at home on a non-backsplash space in the kitchen. I'm impressed. After work I headed over to hang out with my niece and nephew to play and read books and work at the grocery store. 

Saturday  Slow start to the day with coffee and reading before I kicked it into gear to do my 40/40, walk the best friend dogs, and pack up eBay sales before errands to the post office, library to return books, and gas station, all of which I did with my sunroof open. I started another book and we had family dinner of Chinese and cake at Dad & Carol’s. 

Sunday Weekly food prep, changing and washing sheets, putting laundry away, 40/40, and getting stuff together to go back to the shore under the watchful eyes of Bruce and Bender. I packed some more eBay sales up to mail, walked B+B, and did a face mask.

Sunday night birthday dinner of filet, mac & cheese, brussels, rolls, strawberries, and ice cream cake at Mom & Rich's. Between Saturday and Sunday I now have what amounts to a whole cake and my mom made me fat sugar cookies too. I'm in hog heaven. After that we stopped at Marshalls and came home feeling full and under water. Daylight saving, man.
Weekly food prep: breakfast is egg muffins with asparagus and cheese and lunch is Italian wedding soup. Snacks are kiwis, cucumbers, and pretzels. Dinner so far is veggie rotini with sauteed mushrooms, asparagus, spinach, onions, onions, and some truffle oil. I made the soup with chicken stock from scratch so I have some extra to freeze. 

Last night I didn’t fall asleep until after 12:30. This morning I had to run full out to catch the train. Not a good start. 

Show Us Your Books is tomorrow! See you back here for that. 

Happy birthday to my Pop today!

How was your weekend? 

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