Thursday, March 7, 2019

Thursday Thoughts - as free as the wind and hopefully learning why the sea on the tide has no way of turning

Dreaming  of returning to life at the's almost time.

Speaking of almost time, it's almost birthday time too. This time next week will be Birthday Eve.

Sleeping solidly for the last three nights. Praise hands.

Beginning the 40/40. The 40/40 is 40 minutes of exercise a day for 40 days in Lent, starts on Ash Wednesday. Any type of exercise, all at once or split up. Gwen got me involved a few years ago and some years I do better than others. I'm committed to doing well this year. Mine usually consists of two walks and some weights.

Eating strawberry sherbert with pretzels.

Loving that it’ll be light until 7 pm starting Sunday.

Hating the new dry shampoo I tried this week. My hair feels dirty and I’m done. Back to Living Proof. Will I ever learn? No, because I’m considering trying verb’s dry shampoo. 

Marveling at how well Bender fits in here.

Wondering if people know what the people they vote into office actually do and the power that they have. The president nominated a 37 year old woman for a lifetime seat on the Court of Appeals and all 53 republican senators voted to confirm her. She will sit on that seat for 40 years. She has supported and closely associated herself with the Alliance Defending Freedom - sounds like a great thing, right? Wrong. The Alliance Defending Freedom's mission is to make sure everything is influenced to their brand of Christianity - which, if that's not yours, you're fucked. Separation of Church & State exists for a reason. She also denounced the Supreme Court's marriage equality decision. She is a warrior for an Anti-LGBTQ extremist group and collectively we have elected people that have put her in a position to sit in judgement of others for 40 years. When you elect people to office, they have the power to do things like this. So I sure as hell hope you vote, and I sure as hell hope you vote for people that don't hate people who are different than them.

Refusing to engage on Ebay. I put aside some of the clothes I was getting rid of to sell with the intention of donating proceeds to Women Against Abuse - Philadelphia Domestic Violence Hotline, and I started those at $2. No, eBayers, I will not reply to your $1.61 bid, I'm not haggling online over less than 40 cents. And no, eBayers, I will not provide you with measurements. I don't own a measuring tape and if I go buy one I'm spending more than I make. It's an XL top from LOFT, I know sizes fluctuate, but it's $2. Bid or don’t. 

Listening to More Than This by Roxy Music

Reading: a book that references Ocean City, where our shore house is. The author gets some things factually wrong and that has annoyed me throughout. It's not hard to do a little research on a town. There is no sipping on pina coladas because it's a dry town that has no public place distributing booze and has been since its inception. Something that's factually incorrect about a place annoys me. Show Us Your Books is Tuesday.

Reminding us: 


What's new with you?

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