Monday, January 7, 2019

TWTW - the one to be still

Friday Laundry, leftovers, and lounging with a book. Our living room ottoman arrived and I love it. I'm so glad we rearranged the room and pulled my favorite chair out from the corner where it has languished, hidden, for two years. It gets much more use now. 
Saturday Bruce's turn for his royal portrait. I washed sheets, towels, and dog beds; painted my nails (OPI Purple Palazzo Pants); booked some weeks at the shore with renters; had a plumber come in to fix the kitchen sink leak; read; caught the super sunset after a day of rain; and unknowingly did a face mask with Debbie at the same time, just over the phone. 
Sunday I did some food prep and eased into the day - I was up late reading Sunday night - and had plans to purge drawers but my energy level was not there. I'm frustrated with this long walking pneumonia recovery. So you get more dog photos. You'll get those most of the winter because this weekend is my winter plans in summary. Sunday night we watched the second half of the Golden Globes. 
Weekly food prep: power breakfast muffins to freeze, soup from the freezer for lunch, breakfast burritos to freeze, dinners are chicken thighs in the crock with homemade cream of mushroom soup (that is the slop pictured, delicious slop) over rice with green beans and pasta with sauce (will make later this week, sauce from freezer). 

See you here tomorrow for Show Us Your Books! 

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