Wednesday, January 30, 2019

More and less in 2019

More of these things this year:
-Time living at the shore
-Living smaller
-Spending less
-Sleep and rest
-Dogs on the beach
-Consistent skincare
-Time at home
-Sunrises & sunsets
-Enough water every day
-Purging and reorganizing
-Love, in which love is justice spoken out loud
-Replacing worn clothing items with ones made by sustainable companies who pay workers a living wage
-Budgeted grocery shopping and using what I have
-Open windows
-Completed projects
-Bike rides
-Magnesium supplements
-Re-purposing things I have
-Email inbox management
-Set acupuncturist and chiropractor appointments

Less of these things this year:
-Buying fast fashion from companies with workers making $1 a day 
-Mindless spending
-Buying shit I don't need
-Overall mindless consumption of time, energy, resources, goods, etc.
-Store bought sweets
-Keeping what I don't use or need
-Ignoring things so others can be comfortably racist/sexist/homophobic/hateful
-Facebook on my phone
-Single use anything

Thanks to Steph's yes and no lists for the inspiration. 
What are you doing more and less of this year?

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