Thursday, January 31, 2019

Thursday Thoughts - We can stay out all day or we can run around all night

Appreciating winter skies - this is Monday's sunrise

Representing my favorite color in my reusable stuff for sure. 

Struggling to get off the couch and get the daily dos stuff done at night this week.
Glamour shotting the dogs and laughing like a hyena at Bender's tooth. 

Trying Printcess eye shadow. McKenzie, who participates in SUYB and blogs here, sent me some samples. She just purchased the company that is cruelty free vegan eye shadows. We all know I am not the makeup queen (as you can see by the photos below, #notgoodatthis), but each Printcess shadow is inspired by a book, which I freaking love, in addition to loving the cruelty-free aspect of them. I wear eye shadow a few times a week. I liked the Printcess shadow and it stayed on all day (I did use an eye primer, I always do) like my Urban Decay shadow does. You can see the colors in the Etsy shop here. I picked Witch to sample based on the name because of course I did. For those of you looking to use more sustainable, cruelty-free products and shop small vs. big machine brands, check this shadow out. My old Sephora neutral is nearly gone and when it is I'm going to replace it with Alibi or Rukmani. I will also purchase Witch at some point in the future.
Adding eyebrows to tomorrow's To Do list. It's been at least six months since I picked up a tweezer and those pics. Woof.

Spending $6.76 on unnecessary, unplanned for items in January - a face mask at Target that I wanted to try for $1.77 and $4.99 for a kindle book. The book is the next in a series and was purchased after I contacted the library and was told they have no plans to get the remaining four books in the series. Everything else was needed or planned.

Planning a few unnecessary but budgeted bookish expenses for February: the other three books in the DCI Erika Foster series and On the Come Up, Angie Thomas's next novel that I pre-ordered back in July and debuts on February 5. And that I see is only $12.91 for the hardcover. Holler.

Demanding justice for Jussie Smollett. Every one of us has the responsibility to rise up against ignorant hate out there and be louder than homophobes and louder than racists. 

Hibernating...still. I do have something to do Friday night and Saturday afternoon this weekend. My only super bowl plans include eating frozen appetizers. 

Listening to Ain't Even Done With the Night by John Mellencamp. One of my favorite songs of all time. Have you ever read the comments on YouTube videos of songs? They are fucking hilarious. The second one I saw was who is listening to this song in 2018? Me, dickhead. I am.

Watching True Detective Season 3 and The Great British Baking Show. I'm pumped to have this as an action item, I'm usually watching nothing. MasterChef Australia was also recommended to me for the camaraderie of the people on it so I'll check that out too.

Reading: the third DCI Erika Foster novel as mentioned above - Dark Water by Robert Bryndza

Reminding us all

Applying this e-card to the entire week

What's new with you?


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