Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy Mummers Day

Happy New Year! In Philadelphia, we’ll at least in this house and many houses we know, January 1 is more Mummers Day than New Year's Day.

What's a Mummer?

What type of Mummer is MFD? 
He's in The Joseph A. Ferko String Band. The String Bands are the last division to perform and Ferko goes up 14th out of 16 string bands. Their theme is The World Renowned Ferko Circus.

They are supposed to be on TV around 3:10 but the parade is typically running behind (live stream link below), so start checking in a little before 3:10 if you specifically want to see them or a little earlier if you want to catch all the string bands - it's quite a production with the music and the costumes and props; and a time honored tradition to put a good show out on the street on New Year's Day. REMEMBER TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE, PARADE RUNS BEHIND.

Today is MFD's 31st parade. Best of luck to him & Ferko and all of our framily in other bands.

For a guide of the 2019 parade, visit  



Guide & street closures: https://philly.curbed.com/2018/12/28/18159058/2019-mummers-parade-guide-new-years-road-closure-route

To stream live - you cannot use Internet Explorer as your browser:

Coverage begins at 9 am. Stringbands are on a lot later.

The parade will also be live on PHL17's facebook page.

To catch some shots on Instagram:
Philly Mummers String Band Association (@phillymummerssba)

As always, I will post a pic of MFD so you know what type of costume to look for if you watch the live stream (@lifeaccordingtosteph on Instagram).


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