Thursday, January 17, 2019

Thursday Thoughts - And I see losing love is like a window in your heart

1. My Mom Mom crocheted this scarf for me over 30 years ago. My favorite color has always been purple. I love and wear it still. It's warm as hell and nothing store bought even comes close. It's like getting a hug from her.
2. Midway through the month and my desire and need to clamp down on spending is going well. I don't want anything and haven't considered purchasing anything. I've been unsubscribing from emails like a mad woman. I truly do not need any more shit at this time. I don't care how good the sale is. I've got my typical birthday wishlist going (without fail each year I want books, sneakers, nail polish) but that's about it.

3. I haven't done much at night this week aside from read. I finished book 14 of the year last night. January chill, you know. Three times in the past two weeks I've started a book at 11:35 pm. Not advisable.

4. I've started scheduling out shore work for when we reopen the house. This spring's main projects are: paint ceiling on first floor, replace bathroom vanity, install programmable door locks, power wash outside and attempt to salvage cushions, and move wall art around. If March could be more spring, less winter unlike the last two years, that would be great.

5. I got to see Sara from Journey of Doing yesterday as she is in Philly for a conference. She also got me the cutest pug ornament!
6. Hamberder Turdburglar wall tantruming toddler. This is my bottom line right now. Fuck, man.

7. I'm sticking boots up the asses of men in some way upset or offended by the Gillette commercial about toxic masculinity, or being like "I'm fine with it but not all men." Shut up. Also ladies yes, I know, Gillette is guilty of the pink tax and hopefully they asked before using #metoo instead of co-opting it from a black woman but all in all call the message of the ad a win. The patriarchy is not smashed in a day. The nuts of the offended people might be though. Have you ever noticed the people who are always bitching about how people are so offended about everything these days are the ones who are always offended?

8. I'm pumped to head to DC tomorrow for a weekend with my ladies.Saturday we go to the Women's March. I refuse to throw the movement out this time. Every time women have been on the cusp of cresting, together, the movement has been torn down from inside or out. It has been white feminism excluding BIPOC, right now it's the association of two national leaders with Louis Farrakhan. A movement powered by millions allowed to die because of problems of some with two? Nope. Also, are we really asking women to answer for the words of a man they know? Have we all had to answer for our racist uncles? Should we have to? Fuck no. I'm not moving away from the movement because of the problems that exist within it now and always will because we're humans and we're flawed and we bring problems to all situations. Women have to learn to sit together in uncomfortable spaces and solve problems. We need to bring our own in line in terms of being inclusive. We need people working from inside to improve. The Steering Committee they've convened for this year is quite a good start and takes the focus off of the four co-chairs since 2017, so let that excuse for not showing up just go now. Every piece of the patriarchy (and the patriarchy's best friend and co-ruler, white supremacy) is hoping that we will not ever stick together enough through everything to raise each other up and do this. I say fuck the patriarchy and white supremacy. I'm doing this.

9.  Reminder:

10. Ecards. Working from home today. To be fair I do say this about my commute from the job I had before this one...10 years ago.

What appears after the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts is a song lyric to whatever I'm listening to when I start to write the post. This week is Graceland by Paul Simon

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