Monday, January 28, 2019

TWTW - the last one in January

Friday night I finished reading a book about a serial killer (fiction) and MFD watched about a serial killer (real), which set me to googling him. I also realized the library doesn't have the last four Erika Foster novels so I emailed them asking if they were planning on getting them. Otherwise they'll be on my list to buy on Kindle or in paperback. Anyone out there have them and willing to loan them?
Saturday I was up and out early to visit my niece and nephew, pick up my Grandmom's lamp from Dad & Carol's, and get groceries at Target and Aldi, now conveniently in the same parking lot with the new Aldi. Target didn't give me the $5 gift card for a food purchase or 10% off five items via Cartwheel so I called them when I got back and they sent me an e-gift card. I put stuff away, processed my iced coffee in bulk, did laundry, ran the dishwasher, and read a book before making dinner and watching The Office.
Sunday was lovely early morning light, a five minute facebook check in, most food prep done early, reading a book, taking an hour nap, facial upkeep, starting another book, making dinner, cleaning the kitchen 482984 times, and starting True Detective Season 3.
Is it the weekend without a lot of sleeping dog photos?
Weekly food prep: Breakfast is kodiak waffles with egg and milk for extra protein + banana. Lunch is turkey noodle soup (in the freezer from last week), snacks are hard boiled eggs, grapes, and bell peppers. Dinners are leftovers of deconstructed chicken parm and potato/cauliflower/broccoli soup (recipe to come) and rosemary pepper drop biscuits - if you have butter/milk/flour, you can make quick biscuits, know everything that's in them, and not buy them in a can. Otherwise mexican stuffed shells from the freezer. 

Once upon a time I would have prepared a few blog posts but I'm back to winging a few days a week. 

I can't believe it's the last week of January. That seems crazy, right? 

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