Friday, January 11, 2019

About Face

Friday is the day:
Mood lighter, weekend in sight.
Remove stick from ass.

It's been a while since I've done a haiku, and also a while since I talked about my face regimen so I decided to combine those things today.

It has not been a while since I was glad it was Friday, and surprise! I'm glad it's Friday today. The day started with Gus falling out of bed at 5:41, Bender escaping the yard into the street where my neighbor was thankfully standing at 7:59, and telling the train conductor to have a good night at 8:47 (the man behind me repeated me then we all laughed).

I never talk about any facial product unless I've been using it for at least a month, but preferably three. All of these are over the three month mark unless noted. Nothing pisses me off more than people who use facial products for five minutes and are like omg life changing use this. No.

For reference, my skin is a combo of normal to dry and very sensitive. My skin changed when I turned 38 or 39 and I spent a while adapting to that. Product-wise, I like to keep the price low where I can, but after a few hellish incidents I stepped away from a lot of cheaper products I was using, started doing my research and am much happier with calm, mostly behaving skin to boot. The extra money is worth it to not be kvetching about my face all the time and most of my products last a long time. Amazon links are affiliate links.

Cleanser: I typically just rub my face with water in the shower but if I was a lazy a-hole who did not wash the night before I get some SkinLab Micellar Cleansing Water out.

Serum: Kleem Organics Vitamin C Serum for Face. I love this. Like, love love never gonna give you up 10 out of 10 would marry love. It's great on my skin and in warmer months I sometimes skip a heavier moisturizer in the morning and am fine with just this. For around $20, that is great.

Eye: Kleem Organics Anti Aging Eye Cream. I love this except for how it comes out. You have to practice control and I'm not always careful so there’s user error. If you are not a wild animal like me, you should be fine if you buy it.

Moisturizer: MAC Complete Comfort Creme. Throughout my life my most troubling skin care component to figure out has always been moisturizer. This feels great, does not clog my pores, does its job keeping my skin flake and dry patch free, and does not make me break out. I did a lot of research before I found this and bought it. If you're like me, when this shit costs like $30 for moisturizer you have to scour the ends of the earth before investing and be ruthless in returning what does not work.

Sunscreen: After moisturizer, all year, every day regardless of forecast. I change my sunscreen up a lot. Right now it's Clarins. Regardless of the brand it's SPF 30 or 40. My face does not respond well to 50.


Eye makeup remover: Camomile Gentle from The Body Shop if necessary, otherwise micellar water. My eyes are super sensitive and most eye makeup removers are not good for me.

Cleanser: The Body Shop Drops of Youth Gentle Foam Wash. Not drying, does the job.

Toner: The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner. Once upon a time I was obsessively toning my skin and stripped off its outer layer. What an idiot. This is effective and gentle.

Anti-aging serum: The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion. This is cheap as hell. I was using a Kleem Organics Retinoid cream which I also liked but I swapped it out for this. I love it.

Eye: Kleem Organics Anti Aging Eye Cream. Love story as seen above.

Moisturizer: MAC Complete Comfort Creme.

Exfoliate: Either belif Pore Cleanser Bubble Foam or The Body Shop Drops of Youth Liquid Peel, 2x a week, usually at night

Mask: Once a week. I'm into Saturday night sheet masks lately but they are not the best for the environment so I should wean myself off of these.

Jade roller: I used Debbie's that she got in her FabFitFun box (Sherrie Matthews Acupuncture) then bought the same one for half price on Poshmark. I love it but I was not paying $45 for it. If you want one, check Poshmark or Ebay. I’ve only been using this for about three weeks.


I have a set of flannel cloths from Etsy (those of you who can do these things could make them at home, I ordered mine on Etsy here) that I use for eye makeup remover, micellar water, toner, etc., so I'm not using and tossing facial wipes or cotton balls. I love them, they just go in the wash with my towels and not into landfills.

This concludes my Not a Beautician, Only Doing What Works For Me and Always Interested in What Works For Others Also Use Less Single Use Items TED Talk.

Have a great weekend!

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