Monday, January 14, 2019

TWTW - the one in the kitchen

Friday The 41 year old Friday night special: put laundry away that you ignored all week and paint your nails (Insta-Dri Re-Teal Therapy, this is the only Insta-Dri that chips on me almost immediately and pisses me off). I was up late reading. 
Saturday I was at the grocery store early and the dogs jackassed around all day. I spent much of the afternoon in the kitchen making shit from scratch. I find it relaxing.
MFD hosted an Organizing for Bernie party. I'm not at the 2020 primary yet. Hell, I'm barely over the last year of campaigning. What I am about right now is local and judicial elections, the primary is in May in Pennsylvania. I'm all about putting judges on the benches who are human beings. JUDGES MATTER. Local election-wise, Melissa Robbins was over and spoke - she's running for City Council At-Large in Philly and if you have some dollars to spare, she could use your support via a donation on her website. If you don't have dollars to spare, Instagram, twitter, or FB follows and amplification via shares will help. We need smart, progressive, strong, community-focused black women who believe in all people thriving and in speaking truth to power in all levels of office all around this country because black women lead and representation matters. Melissa is one of those women and she is extremely qualified for the position. Philly friends, make sure you follow her and see what she’s about. You will not regret casting your vote for Melissa. Friends outside the area who support worthy candidates monetarily, please check her out as well. Bender had his first political meeting experience and loved it. He was right in the thick of things. 
Sunday I woke up late after getting 9.5 hours of much needed sleep, finished a book, did some food prep, showered and did a face mask, and read another book while sort of watching movies MFD had on - Mars Attacks and Beautiful Boy. Sunday was also my sister-in-law Aubrey's birthday. Happy birthday Aub! Love you!
Weekly food prep: For Saturday I made veggie soup, homemade bread, and fucking amazing chocolate cupcakes from scratch with vanilla pudding cool whip frosting (trying to locate the recipes as i looked at a million, will probably share in its own post). This week's food is savory oatmeal cooked in beef stock with a fruit side for breakfast; lunch is buffalo chicken thighs on a bed of spinach with a side of cucumber and a hard boiled egg; Sunday dinner was baked chicken drums with steamed cauliflower. Other dinners this week will be Korean beef over rice and I'm not sure what else. I did well cooking from my freezer and pantry this weekend. 

Next weekend I will be in DC, so quite a few less dog pics than the past two weekends. 

How was yours? 

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