Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Show Us Your Books - January 2019

I don't know about you but I am planning on getting hygge with it this month and reading the shit out of a lot of books. My kindle is overloaded with Netgalley and books I've collected but never read from Amazon, my library hold list is pulsating through the ether, and my owned but never read bookshelf is sagging in the middle. Let us begin, 2019 reading year. 

I kicked it off by reading five books and a short story in the last six days. My brain is spread through five countries, more than six states, speaking in various accents, and existing in different eras. I sort of love it. 

But first what I've been reading since the last linkup on December 11, so some 2018 reads still on here but a few 2019 as well. As usual title links to goodreads, buy links to Amazon and it costs you nothing to buy through them and gets me pennies, which I use to run this linkup.

Engrossing Reads
Verity by Colleen Hoover - Read this, immediately. This actually appeared on my Favorites of 2018 list before it even appeared on a regular SUYB. So here it is. I picked this recommendation up from Maya on IG and this is why I like when people share what they're reading on IG, especially if it's a MUST READ NOW. I borrowed it for free from Amazon's Lending Library, which I didn't even know was a thing. Now I do. E-copy, borrowed from Amazon. Buy kindle / buy paperback

Never Tell (Detective D.D. Warren #10) by Lisa Gardner - When I requested this from Netgalley, I had no idea it was a series. I didn't know until I was about 30% in and logged on to Goodreads to add it as currently reading. I'd never knowingly jump into a series but I freaking loved it. I was reminded that the same thing happened with my first foray into the Kate Burkholder series - I jumped that one late too and went back and started at one. I liked the characters in this so I'll probably do that here too. Free e-copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Book comes out on February 19. Pre-order kindle / pre-order hardcover

Evidence of the Affair by Taylor Jenkins Reid - A short story. I read this on the train on the way into work Friday morning because I forgot the library book I wanted to start and didn't want to start a whole new book on the kindle. I liked it but as usual with short stories, I wanted it to be, you know, a full one. Does anyone else feel like a short story should only be counted as half of a book if you're counting books you've read? Free with prime on kindle Buy kindle

How to Walk Away by Katherine Center - I've seen this one floating around for a while. The first few pages I was like ehh I am not going to like this but I did. I loved pretty much everything about it and I finished it with my heart in my throat.
Philly library hardback. Buy kindle / buy hard cover

Passed the Time Just Fine
 The Wedding Guest (Alex Delaware #34) by Jonathan Kellerman - That's right, 34. I've read 34 books in this series. I love the characters. The stories themselves are a little watered down by this point but I will always read them. Free e-copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

The Latecomers by Helen Klein Ross - This book was super fucking sad on many fronts. I liked the writing but it was a lot of stuff from the past that was not cool and you wish you could forget about but shouldn't because some of it is in fact still happening and it'll never stop if you don't think about it because it makes you feel sad or mad. Did that make any sense? I'm tired. Philly library, hardback 

In Her Bones by Kate Moretti - The premise of this is great, the execution just okay. I wanted to skim a lot which is never a great sign. Philly library, hardback

The Favorite Daughter by Kaira Rouda - Like her other book, Best Day Ever, but the narcissistic main character is female. Quick read, passable, not my favorite, although she does do the narcissist quite well. Free e-copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Book comes out May 21, 2019

Golden Child by Claire Adam - This book was slow slow slow then crash and burn in a horrible train accident you can't look away from type  of way in the last like 20% of it. I liked it, but I could not get on board with a major choice that was the pivotal point of the book and how it ended. I don't want to be nice about it and talk in literary terms, I want to rail against the chooser and judge the shit out of him. Free e-copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Book comes out on January 29. 

An Act of Villainy by Ashley Weaver - This was on Audrey's favorites of 2018 list and I picked it up on a whim. It's the fifth in a series but I don't feel the need to go back and read the others. However I did enjoy this one. I like the main character, Amory, quite a bit. I will probably read more in the future. Not exactly a cozy mystery but sort of along those lines? I liked it and read it in a few hours. Philly library hardback

The Witch Elm by Tana French - I'm a fan of the Dublin Murder Squad books. This one is quite different but it was fine despite not liking the main character at all. Well fine except the last 1/4 of the book...I felt like French threw everything but the kitchen sink into this book and while it was cleverly tied together quite a bit of it was just unnecessary and a reach. As a lot of her books are, this book was about 75 pages thicker than need be. Philly library hardback

Not Worth It

Did Not Finish
Remember Me by Daisy White - Do you ever start a book and hate it on instinct for absolutely no reason? That was this book. Then within like five minutes I had an actual reason and within 10 another. Free ARC from Netgalley, I couldn't do it. 

What have you been reading? 
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