Monday, November 5, 2018

TWTW - the one before Election Day

Friday was working from home, so before I started I was able to change the sheets and put laundry away and at lunch I got to the post office, library for drop off, and Sam's. I had a hair appointment at night with the fabulous Kristi and she changed up the color and chopped it off. I went to Target in the rain on the way home because I had a freaking lamp that needed to be returned in my front seat. I painted my nails and have no brain power to retain the names (also in an ideal world I'd take the pic after I cleaned them up around the edges but IDGAF right now), did some volunteer work for the campaign, and started a new book.

Saturday MFD didn't tell me I was in charge of snacks for the office so I was back at Sam's by 8 am, then to the office, back home, then out all afternoon with Morgan and Debbie door knocking. I missed my brother and Aubrey and the kids but did get to see Gail and Shawn after our shifts. I only saw my mom briefly as she was dropping off food her and Kate made for the day. Debbie, Morgan, and I went to Panera around 6, back to clean up the office from the day, then Debbie and I watched Heathers and The Breakfast Club.
Sunday I hit the grocery store and Philly Pretzel Factory before heading to the office. I got to see Mark and Sarah before heading out which was great. Debbie, Melissa, Morgan, and I crunched around through the leaves with a fucked up map, knocking on doors. It was nice to be with a fierce lady crew and the foliage was gorgeous.
Also fangirled like mad when Sally Kohn and Dissent Pins shared my posts in their stories on IG.
Weekly food prep: maybe next week? 

I'm off tomorrow to work the polls or whatever I will be doing from 7 am - 8 pm. I'll probably be scarce around here this week but am usually never scarce on Instagram LOL. 

What's your voting plan? When will you go, how do you get to your polling place, and are you taking anyone with you? 

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