Monday, November 12, 2018

TWTW - the one to reset

Wednesday night I came home from work, threw some clothes into a bag and hoped for the best and got to the shore around 9:30. I fell asleep on the couch and stayed there all night, barely moving when MFD arrived around midnight.

Thursday was a trip to Drip N' Scoop for coffee, reading, a family beach frolic, hot roast beef in the crockpot for lunch, and I ended the night at a Protect Mueller rally a few blocks from our house before I went to get sweets and ate a few different cakes for dinner. 
Friday was sunrise, most of the day reading on the couch or walking around with the dogs, a pedicure (OPI Cute Little Vixen), a trip to the library, and ordering in from Randazzo's. I think I was asleep before 9:30. I don't think we knew how truly exhausted we were for how long until we got an extended time to rest. MFD's movies were Once Upon a Time in America and The Last Jedi.
Saturday sunrise, pork roll bowls, painting my nails (Essie Merino Cool), fixing some things that got Bruced this summer, a very windy trip to the beach, and laying around. I made pork tenderloin in the crockpot and we had Dan come down to stay up in the house for a few days and a visit from Carly who was in town. MFD's movies of the day were Outlaw King, Legend, Night of the Comet, and The Tin Drum.

Sunday We were up to walk the dogs a little after 5 and I went back to bed so I almost missed the sunrise but Bruce got me up for his morning romp on the beach. There was a group of teenagers near his playground pipe and he was furious. MFD left for mummery and I did some purging, reorganizing, and cleaning in between dog walks and reading.
I packed up as the day went on and hit the road for home at 2. I haven't cried a lot the past few months, I've been too overwhelmed and tired to even muster up the energy. But I sure as shit felt like crying leaving the shore Sunday even though I can go back Friday.
At home I made chicken noodle soup, did four loads of laundry, watched The Post, and MFD did some of the zillions of leaves. 

Thank you to our veterans - on the day dedicated to them and every other day. In every kind of weather. Even rain.

Weekly food prep: breakfast is power breakfast muffins and bananas, lunch is PB & J, dinners are soup and probably Mexican stuffed shells from the freezer. 

Today MFD is five years sober. I cannot tell you how life changing that has been for both of us, but I might try Wednesday. 

Show Us Your Books is tomorrow! 

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