Monday, November 19, 2018

TWTW - the one mostly in the car oh and the new dog

Friday I drove down to the shore at lunch and worked from there the rest of the day. I was supposed to go down Thursday night but the unexpected snowpocalypse delayed me. I ended up working until about 9:30 that night as I'm in a busy period with breaks for a family beach walk, Bennie's Breads tomato pie for dinner, and nails (OPI Meet Me on the Star Ferry).

Saturday there was no pretty sunrise but Bruce still woke me up to go to the beach at dawn. I've been waiting for Deadend to open since early summer so we hit that - good bagels and spreads all made in house - then took a gander at the bay at low tide. Reading and relaxing before a long family beach walk down in the South End where there is a lot of erosion from the storms a few weeks ago. It's nice to have my husband back and do things together.
I packed up and left, getting home by 4:30. We went to Katie Muth's victory party in Pottstown - friends in PA Senate District 44, you elected a woman on fire to serve you - she is a fierce feminist and 100% for people over profits. She's the real deal. 
We visited Aunt Carrie & Uncle Jim for a bit after and narrowly missed Gail & Shawn. We were yawning like old people and made the 45 minute ride home where I finished this. Oh, my heart. Read it. 

Sunday Up and out by 8:15 to meet my knottie girls AEB & Alicia and their girls for breakfast at The Hattery, where we always meet. I had a hamburger. Then I went to pick up a turkey coupon from Sarah & Mark's mailbox, home to let the dogs out, to Marshalls to get a bowl, to Giant to pick up the free turkey, home to cycle laundry, etc. Then MFD and I drove to Horsham to pick up John Bender, our newest adopted family member. This dog is 1/3 of the size we were expecting - he is seriously small - but once we say we're taking you, we're taking you. You'll be with us forever, buddy. His first day was better by far than Mae's. I spent a few hours working Sunday night and threw Mexican stuffed shells in the oven from the freezer.
Weekly food prep: breakfast is burritos from the freezer. Lunch is taken care of via a meeting Monday and leftovers Tuesday. Off the rest of the week. 

I feel like I have fifty tons of shit to do in a very short amount of time this week. We were going to go upstate for Thanksgiving Wednesday to Friday then drive four hours to the shore Friday until Sunday but with all the snow they got up there and this tiny new dog, we're going to just spend the whole time at the shore. Now I must assemble what i need to take to make Thanksgiving happen down there. You?

How was your weekend? 

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