Monday, November 26, 2018

TWTW - the one with the Thanksgiving

Wednesday I spent the day relaxing, reading, taking 470 photos of my dogs, practicing walking four dogs alone, and painting my nails (OPI Black Dress Not Optional). When MFD arrived we ran to the pet store to get John Bender something that fit, then to the grocery store. If you have to go food shopping on Thanksgiving Eve, make it in a shore town. The store is empty. Back at home I read and we ordered dinner from Piccini and called it a night early. 

Thursday Thanksgiving dawned clear and cold AF. We saw the sunrise, relaxed with coffee, and split the Thanksgiving cooking duties while watching the Philly and Macy's parades followed by the Dog Show and after dinner Woman Walks Ahead. Have you ever seen the European Vacation where all the food ends up in front of Audrey in a dream sequence? That was MFD. Excuse the non-tablescape, Thanksgiving at the shore is not a fancy affair. Aubrey, Stephen, and the kids arrived around 8:30.

Friday Stephen and Aubrey went to the Flyers game and my Dad, MFD, and I took Lola to the beach with all the dogs while Carol waited for Baby Stephen to wake up from his morning nap. Lola loves the beach even in the cold, and splashed in the water and played with the sea foam and asked a ton of questions and walked the boardwalk with my dad. John Bender enjoyed his first time on the beach.
Afternoon naps and quiet time then Christmas in the Downtown where Santa appears on the top of City Hall and comes down on a huge ladder. I love it like I was a little kid still. There was a strong Santa chant this year and that was amazing. Aubrey and Stephen made it back from the game just in time to see Santa. Holiday miracle! Donuts and ice cream and early to bed.

Saturday Bruce was bugging to run early so we were on the beach by 6:15. My dad made breakfast, then Aubrey, Stephen, Lola, MFD, the dogs and I went to the beach to burn off some energy. Mae sat immobile for much of the time except when Bruce was dragging her around by her sweatshirt. Lola and Aub jumped in the waves with their boots and aside from the wind it wasn't bad out. MFD headed to North Wildwood to help his mom move after that.
After Baby Stephen's morning nap we did some small business shopping at Blue Lotus on Asbury, then went up to the boardwalk to play in the arcade, get pizza for lunch and candy at Shriver's, and sit in a rowboat with Santa. We all ran down when we saw there was no line as if we had never seen Santa before. We made it home before the torrential rain and Carol got a pic of me walking all four dogs. I look like a lunatic, as I suspected. I was asked five times if I was a dog walker. Leftovers and fresh hot roast beef on Bennie's rolls for dinner plus a ton of photography by Lola. Bruce was BEAT from all the activity, he didn't move all night and didn't even go out one last time.

Sunday One perk of a crazy rain storm is a phenomenal sky and thundering waves the next day. Such a tremendous morning I'm sharing nine photos of it, zero of which do it justice.
Dad got donuts and we sat around for a while before heading to the playground. Mae and Bender looked out for Lola and Baby Steve from the bench while Bruce sat with me. Bender found refuge in Carol's lap soon though. Gus watched the Eagles with my dad and brother, then everyone cleaned up and left, I did a little work, and MFD and I took a bike ride on the boards, watched the surfers at 7th Street and the ocean at the Music Pier, talked to a 96 year old WWII veteran, and got popcorn before heading home to pack up to go back to Philly. To say I didn't want to leave is an understatement.

Thankful for a weekend with my family especially my niece who is so smart and funny and my nephew who is so sweet and daring, lots of time with MFD (actually have some material for a Shit MFD's been a while) and the dogs, and some time by myself as well in the place I love the most. I missed being with Debbie and Lori and Jack up north but the combination of snow and new dog and lots of driving meant it was not meant to be. 

Also not meant to be: lasting peace given news of asylum seekers being tear gassed at the border with part of the border being closed. That is not normal. None of this is normal. 

Of course it was Queen Gween's birthday this weekend as well - happy birthday Gwen! Love you!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Tell me about it!

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