Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Not in the mood

For this political climate
Photo by Kim Kyung-Hoon for Reuters
To argue with people defending teargassing children in any way. The correct response is “that is wrong” full stop - no but or any type of qualifier or waxing poetic or strutting around like the only voice of reason in existence - children, tear gassed, there is no reason. Shut up unless you are speaking against this 
Photo by Kim Kyung-Hoon for Reuters
To cite sources for others on what immigrants do and don’t get for “free,” the situation in Honduras and how it was created by the U.S., or any other information that is available in a library or on, you know, fucking Google
Photo by Kim Kyung-Hoon for Reuters
To listen to people rant about how immigrants are taking jobs/resources/opportunities and THEY WILL NOT PAY FOR THAT be totally fine with limitless corporate welfare and tax cuts that feed the rich and kill the middle class and be completely unable to connect all of these things and how they actually work

For people being so fearful of brown people coming in while okay with mass shootings and domestic terrorism by white men
Photo by Kim Kyung-Hoon for Reuters
To see one more person call thousands of exhausted, hungry, poor people who have walked 2,000 miles for a better chance at safety for themselves and/or their children an “invasion.” Get the fuck out of here with an invasion.
Photo by Kim Kyung-Hoon for Reuters
To see people value what they think of as legality above all else, including morality. How did that work out for Nazi Germany, when people valued what was the current law over what was morally right?

To see "maybe they should try legal immigration" one more fucking time - do you have any idea how outrageously expensive and bureaucratic our current immigration system is? Most of our poor Irish and Italian ancestors would not have been able to pay their way through that

To listen to people say they just want immigrants vetted but not say a damn word when their government sent 5,000 military personnel to the border instead of 5,000 agents to process applications

To need to convince others to remember common decency and basic humanity for all people
Photo by Kim Kyung-Hoon for Reuters
To listen to bullshit from anti-abortion people who are A-OKAY with these real, live children living like this

For people who cannot acknowledge the lengths they would go to to keep their kids safe, the laws they would break, the miles they would walk

To meet anyone in the middle when they are coming from a vile, hateful, fearful place

To be nice about any of the above, even frivolously, to remain civil. Not in the fucking mood even a tiny bit

Also, all of this copied from a public status of Alex Schiller on Facebook:
It is less expensive to fast track the vetting, court cases, and processing for asylum seekers than it is to separate families and detain them.
It is less expensive to feed, clothe, and house every member of 'the caravan' than it is to mobilize troops to defend our borders from people who have just walked 1000 miles with no food.
It is less expensive to create a public works project, and let migrants and asylum seekers build bridges and roads, than it is to spend taxpayer dollars on 2,000 miles of wall to keep them out.
It is less expensive to deal with imbalanced tariffs than it is to allow 98% of the soy we would have sold to China rot in a field, and watch GM lay off 15% of its workforce.
The amount of money spent by super PAC's on disinformation campaigns supporting Kavanaugh, the tax breaks, ACA repeal, and a host of other attempts by billionaires to rally public support for whatever benefits their bottom line (while the GOP held the executive and legislative branches, and had the votes to do all of this themselves) could have rebuilt half of Puerto Rico.
The ruling party, the one of God and financial responsibility and conservatism, takes every opportunity to spend the most money possible to solve the least pressing problems in the least efficient ways; all while signaling their own virtues of faith and family, decrying the financial mismanagement of past administrations, and turning a blind eye to the sea of open corruption they so painstakingly crafted.
I never imagined such an innovative and intelligent country could be so easily manipulated into doing the most harm at the highest cost, all in the name of defending ourselves from ghosts.
My Republican friends... whatever it is you think your party is now, you're wrong.
Whatever it is you're scared of that allows you to so hypocritically support such a hapless, inefficient, and often cruel administration; I assure you it does not exist. And if it does, these perceived threats are nothing compared to the real world problems we're both creating and ignoring.
It's probably time for you to wake up, because "gassing children at the border" is the type of headline that we would normally go smack the shit out of another country for doing... not something my friends and relatives defend on the fucking internet.
For giving Tuesday, try to give a shit about people.

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