Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Things I meant to do this year

Consistent skin care at night

Holiday cards

Paint trim in house

Makeover of built in bookshelves in the basement 

Swap bedroom with spare room in front of the house

Stop arguing with people on the Internet about basic human rights issues trying to get them to be human

Eat more salads

See once a month spot pics and monthly seven list all the way through

Purge basement storage room 

Replace two shore air conditioners

Those are things that come to mind without much thought. Whenever I think about what I didn’t do that I intended to do, I realize I did so many things I didn’t have in mind for myself. I never feel bad or like a failure for not doing stuff and I hope you don’t either  - if I didn’t do something, it’s because my focus was required elsewhere. As long as I’m not hiding from the world paralyzed by fear or indecision, I’m doing fine. I love crossing things off the list but I’m not going to break myself to do it. 

I always tell friends to give themselves grace. I’d be a fool not to take my own advice. No guilt and no regrets. It’s all about balance, recognizing limitations of time/energy/money, prioritizing, and working with what you have, where you are.

What made your not this year, maybe next list? 

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