Tuesday, November 20, 2018

November 2018 Recommendations

Free recommendations this month as in free info from me to you and free because none of them cost a damn thing.

1. Google Keep List App - Love love love love. I have used Wunderlist and AnyList. This is awesome. You can color code and reorder and move things and insert photos and take notes instead of lists and it's awesome.
2. On Native Land App - Assumptions make an ass out of U and Me, but I am going to assume everyone knows that the story we were told of the first Thanksgiving and knowing what we know in this age of information about colonialism and the brutalization of indigenous people is not how things actually went down. This week as we dream of succulent turkey and count our blessings, take a minute to step outside of white is everything and everything is white and learn about whose land you are actually on, what they were like as a people, their traditions and beliefs. This is great for travel too. It's a work in progress (see site here). In both Philadelphia and down the shore, I am on Lenape land. The Lenape homeland included all of New Jersey, northern Delaware, eastern Pennsylvania, and southeastern New York. Whose land are you on?
3. Magnesium Supplements - Melatonin doesn't help me sleep, nor does lavender, but magnesium supplements taken with dinner? That's the stuff.

4. Letting go of things that no longer serve you, big or small. When you hold on, you have no room to become. I saw this on Micah's instagram and I dig it.

What are you recommending this month?

I think I might share a books I'd buy people post tomorrow. I'm not good at gift guides generally but I might be good at that.

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