Wednesday, October 31, 2018

How to be me for Halloween

Stole this idea from Ali last year.
Be constantly draped in dogs

Believe that as long as your nails look presentable, you are managing just fine

Drink iced coffee daily regardless of outside temps

Act like an angry wild boar for 15 minutes in the morning, totally unprovoked

Wear sunglasses all the time, even on overcast days/in slight drizzle

Speak your mind and fuck it if someone doesn't like it

Be an unapologetic feminist and fuck it if someone doesn’t like it

Get shit done 

Second guess your commuting bag every day no matter what bag it is

Do better when you know better

When life is nuts sacrifice lower priority things without guilt

Celebrate your birthday all month

Tell people what you like about them

Plan ahead

Allow laundry to sit for days

Be on time

Give your dogs people names 

Don’t own jeans or heels

Know if it matters to you, it matters

Think in list form and also in song lyrics 

Find yourself always changing the toilet paper roll in your home and elsewhere because you live under the Toilet Paper Curse

Love the hell out of the people in your circle and make sure they know it

Be an encourager

Never miss an election 

Say no

Stretch as long as possible between hair washing, sometimes taking things too far

When you do wash your hair, air dry only and no hair products

Get up to see the sunrise

Talk and laugh about poop much more than you ever thought you would as an adult

Keep a pre-made meal in the freezer

Choose the colored shoes

Refuse to share only clean, curated photos because life is not clean or curated

Consider mascara, lipstick, and under eye concealer to be a full face of makeup

Decline straws

Protect your peace 

Know your weaknesses

Walk away from toxic people no matter who they are 

Volunteer when you can and donate what you can

Never go anywhere without a book and water

Change your sheets at least once a week

Frequently misplace your keys

How would someone be you for Halloween?

Happy Halloween from this bunch of happy sunflowers. 

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