Monday, October 1, 2018

TWTW - the one that was, how's that for a title

Friday was a some family stuff on my side then getting my shit together after last week's Kavanaugh dumpster fire with some coffee and reading Audre Lord before attending a family dinner on MFD's side hosted by Aunt Carrie and Uncle Jim and falling into bed exhausted. Mae is all of us.
Saturday was wrapping Lola Jean's gift and sorting some clothes I had for her and Baby Seeeeve, more family stuff on my side, errands and dealing with my feminist rage.
Saturday afternoon was perfect weather for kids to run around and have fun at Lola's third birthday party. MFD came by with Bruce Springsteen after canvassing. Bruce's first day with us was Lola's second birthday party last year and he attended that too. I was dead asleep before 11 pm.
Sunday was coffee and family things and some work work before my father-in-law's viewing Sunday night.
Sunday was also the one year anniversary of Bruce Springsteen coming home with us.

More services today. Thanks so much for your thoughts during this time. 

Also...I will not go black today for a women's blackout on social media. Women have been silenced long enough in every space by men and other women. Not happening. Peace. 

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