Monday, October 8, 2018

TWTW - the one with the girls

Friday was sunrise, dogs officially allowed back on beaches, and a trip to Dog Beach anyway so Bruce could run free. Gus wasn't doing great so he stayed back which meant Mae was allowed to stay since she hates the beach. Lori also helped me deal with a trash can maggot situation which had me dry heaving in the driveway. Thank God she moved up north many moons ago and has all of these new skills she's had to acquire. LOL
Breakfast at OC Surf Cafe (I had the Old Salt), meandering down Asbury with Lori and Mom and Bruce, a walk on the boards, dinner at Ike's, and finishing a book. And a million dog walks Lori accompanied me on.
Saturday the dogs patrolled the porch as the Block Party set up. Debbie arrived around 11:30 and we set off to eat and browse our way down Asbury Avenue. Mae got to go for a block when we were done, she loved being among the people who adored her and other dogs she was obsessed with. After that we hit the beach and boards for a long walk. Lori bought me a purse and a new large art statement piece on clearance which you'll see in the spring when I repaint the frame and get it hunt. At some point I painted my nails, I think in the morning?
Sunday Lori left early for her long drive home. I was doing the sunrise thing and just missed her. Debbie, Mom, and I sat on the porch before meandering to Ocean City Cafe for breakfast outside. We walked back home via the boardwalk then took Bruce to the beach for about an hour. Plus multiple walks with my mom and los perros. It was nice and warm and felt like summer. I wasn't planning to go to the beach but I couldn't ass up an hour there in the nice weather. A quick clean up and we were on the road before 2.
I dropped my Mom off and went to Redner's to pick up a few groceries. Laundry, dishes, marveling at how gross my house is, and eating fried chicken followed.

I love this weekend so much and spending easy time with my people. They treated me to a million things and I appreciate it.

Weekly food prep: breakfast is breakfast burritos from the freezer, lunch is PB&J and black plums. Dinner is veggie pasta and turkey tenderloin with mashed sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli or cauliflower.

Today we celebrate Mae's birthday. Happy birthday Maedoll.

Tomorrow is the fourth anniversary of Show Us Your Books and there will be prizes. See you there. 

29 days until Election Day. I'm about to ramp up. You? 

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