Monday, October 15, 2018

TWTW - the one that slid into a meltdown

Friday was some time spent with my niece and nephew, a trip to the grocery store where I forgot two key ingredients, and reading a beta copy of an old friend's book while dining on cheddar jalapeno cheese curls due to ingredient fuck up.

Saturday I was up early making soup because MFD got the missing ingredients for me. I also changed and washed the sheets and quilt, ran and emptied the dishwasher, painted my nails (OPI humidi-tea which is now missing because Bruce attacked the three polishes on the coffee table when we were out and I found two but am still missing that one) and successfully made a little order out of life before heading to the campaign office.
Two door knocking shifts in the shell as fuck campaign office. I did hang some signs up in between first and second shift and I ran errands for food and modem etc. We had great volunteers. If you ever want to join us on weekend, let me know! I have a new full time job of recruiting and organizing volunteers until Election Day. If you can't get out to knock doors but will phone bank, we need help there too. Also campaign donations help. And if you want to help us personally, if you know anyone buying or selling a house who needs a realtor in PA or NJ, refer them to MFD! Yes he is still a realtor,  even now. I'm not sure if people think we are independently wealthy but we are not. He does not get paid to campaign - that's not what you are allowed to use campaign donations for LOL. Trying to keep all balls in the air and stay afloat over here. The stress is incredible but we've been through worse and made it. We'll get by on no sleep, hard work, and a little help from our friends. 
We went to the Welcoming the Stranger International Dinner for the second year in a row as guests of our friends at McCarthy Real Estate. The food from all over the world was fabulous but the best part was hearing from the immigrant students Welcoming the Stranger has helped learn English as a second language, find jobs, gain citizenship, etc. I truly fail to understand the fear of immigrants that has been encouraged in America. These people are so proud and happy to be here in this country and the hatred they get from some is heartbreaking. We are all just human beings trying to live. Back home by 9 to deal fight more fires and do more campaign work. 

Sunday I was up by 7:15 after less than five hours of sleep, did some food prep and processed my iced coffee, and was doing campaign shit and this blog by 8:00. I went out with Melissa for a short door knocking stint then back out again with a volunteer I hit it off with really well. I freaking love so many of the people I've met. It helps buffer the bad stuff and there is a shit load of bad stuff.
Unfortunately I did a series of not wise things - I didn't eat, I drank too much coffee, I didn't drink enough water. When I walked in the door at 6 pm for the last time (campaign office is less than a mile from home, I'd been in and out all day), all I wanted was to put pajamas on, eat soup, sit in silence, and be in bed by 8 pm. But alas there was trash and recycles spread across the first floor. When I finally got in bed the dogs were fighting. MFD was home and loud downstairs. I smelled pee. I couldn't find the pee. I played pee and go seek. It was on MFD's fucking pillows. So at 11:25 pm I nearly lost my shit screaming. He came up and changed the entire bed and tried not to laugh at me because I had seriously lost all of my marbles. I took an hour to calm down and chill out so another night of not great sleep. Bruce had exercise, play time, we were both home a bunch during the day. Whyyyy. More and more I think a friend is the answer.

Weekly food prep: breakfast is scrambled eggs and a power breakfast muffin, lunch/dinners are buffalo chicken spaghetti squash and Italian wedding soup. The spaghetti squash thing looks terrible but it's good.

I'm all out of anything witty or interesting to sign off with. Have a good day my friends! 

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