Thursday, October 4, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - Rise up and take the power back, it's time that the fat cats had a heart attack

Getting side eye from Bruce.

Applying to a short nose rescue. They keep your application on hand for a year. I have adopted two dogs but never had luck with actual rescue organizations. I certainly want prospective owners vetted but adopt don't shop would be easier if the rescue people looked at current dog owners like okay...her dogs are all over the Internet living a better life than most humans, her vets say she's good, and her references and home check out. That's not been the case in the past for me. Bruce needs a younger dog closer to him in age. If you know any younger pugs in need of care I wish I had, holler at me.

Enjoying posting Instagram stories much more than I thought I would. It's like Thursday Thoughts every day over there. Meaningless shit you don't care about but I feel like sharing in no cohesive manner. Winning.

Eating everything from El Changarro in Bensalem. Local friends, it's authentic Mexican in the back of a Mexican grocery store in the Staples/Ross shopping center on Street Road at Knights Road. Go there. No website and I don't have a menu but it's delicious.

Tiring quickly daily. With my father in law's funeral services and things to do around that over the past week+ and my stepmom in the hospital in serious condition last week/still and trying to be everywhere and do all the work and keep up with life and smash the patriarchy and zzzzz. We came home after the funeral lunch on Monday and just vegged out in a house that looked like who did it and ran.

Heading to the shore tonight for girls weekend and I really need it. I also really need to clean it since I did not get to clean the house after last weekend's renters and I was supposed to clean my filthy apartment two weeks ago but had to run home early to head to hospice.

Celebrating Lola Jean's third birthday earlier this week. I stopped to see her at my Mom's since I was working from home Tuesday.

Thinking I posted blog posts Tuesday and Wednesday that I actually didn't post. So, more for next week? LOL

Putting my first of two fall doormats out. I fucking hate how doormats fade and die quickly.

Hoping everyone recognizes this and is familiar with why some white women uphold the patriarchy. We say I don't understand a lot, but if we think about it and do a little research, it's pretty easy to understand or find resources to help you understand. I lived in a bubble for a long time. Once you see what’s going on outside the bubble, you cannot, in good conscience, un-see it. If you have not read Audre Lorde, please check some of her writings out. If you don't follow Shaun King, please do. Check out Aja Barber on Instagram too. Systemic racism and systemic misogyny are connected and both are needed in order for the patriarchal system to remain in place. Don't ever forget that. Our liberation is bound up in each other. If your feminism is not intersectional and inclusive, it is not feminism. If you can't recognize that yeah, responses to the Kavanaugh hearings mean we're all fucked and called to rise but if the tears of white women do not do anything, women of color are TRULY fucked, you are not seeing the connectivity. I am no feminist scholar, but we're clearly not further along because at every point white women have pushed ahead on our agenda to get things marginally better for us and allowed the women of color we asked to stand on the line with us to be pushed back. We cannot let that happen anymore. We hold the line together and none of us get across until all of us are across. I don’t usually share blatantly partisan musings like the below left but the second and third paragraphs nail where some people are coming from and I think it’s important to know what we’re up against as we take a pickaxe to the walls of the patriarchy. White women protecting white men’s privilege and feelings at all costs (even to the cost of other women/their own daughters) after they’ve fucked up are just foot soldiers of the patriarchy. 

Appreciating these men trying to break this sexual assault thing down on a level people who were not understanding can maybe understand: Trae Crowder and Beau of the Fifth Column

Loving this post from Jane Roper: It's Smash the Patriarchy Season, Motherfuckers. Thanks for sharing Wendy!

Reading:  Show Us Your Books is Tuesday. It's our fourth anniversary and there will be prizes, including mugs from TeePublic, a site new to me but I got the mugs and a Dirty Dancing tee from there.

Counting down the days until this election is over. 33. 

Reminding myself:
Reminding the world: we can't still love each other if you are really digging your heels in with your "opinion" that only serves to uphold the oppression of others and is against basic human decency. Yes, you are always allowed to have your precious opinion. No, I do not ever need to listen to it again if I choose not to and if I tell you that, it doesn't mean I am afraid of other people's opinions. It means I do not give space to people who feed into the oppression of others. 

E-carding: I hate the rushing

What's new with you?

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