Friday, May 4, 2018

The May Seven

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1. Reduce clutter - yes, but ongoing
2. Boardwalk bike ride every time I’m at the shore until Memorial Day - yes
3. Delete facebook app from phone - yes

1. Pick up litter - yes
2. Talk about voting with people - why it’s important even in primaries of off-year elections. Voting is a habit that is good for you and your community. Twice a year, just like dental visits. - yes

1. New recipes: broccoli cauliflower saladegg roll in a bowlcrispy crockpot carnitasfrozen yogurt - no, yes, yes, no
2. Getting oven fixed - yes, there's actually another bigger problem, joy
3. Selling larger items I am not using - yes

1. Round mirror for shore bedroom - yes
2. Hooks for shore house - yes
3. Annuals - yes

1. Refill gallons of water.  Help!! Does anyone have a gallon container - sealed, no spigot - they transport liquids in that is not plastic? Actually got a water cooler. 
2. Update shore house menus / house info / etc - yes
3. Refrain from using any disposable cutlery - fail, used one day at lunch
Needs to be done eventually but is clearly not getting done so need a break from it being a numbered item: 
Blog recommendations tab / shore house blog

Buying what I will use each week from the grocery store - about half and half

Stocking up for no reason - about half and half


  1. I should delete the FB app from my phone as well! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  2. Yessss to deleting Facebook app! I only go to it via the mobile site now and love it!! We use plastic, BUT you might try a cleaned out/aired out pickle jar for the water. I'd be afraid it would spill if it topples but it's water so that's not as scary as sugary drinks or ones that could stain. We use them for tea and cold brew all the time. have a great weekend!!

  3. I like when we're in a cycle of getting ready to move because I stop stocking up at the store. I only buy what we'll need immediately.

    I deleted FB from my phone long ago and it's very freeing. I check it only at home, on my laptop, usually at night. Most people just post memes and videos's not like I'm missing "news".

  4. I hope you enjoy egg roll in a bowl! I love it. Could you look in to some sort of beer growler for the water? I think they sell them in what is essentially gallon sized. We started a new campaign with materials that say Voting is your super power.

  5. The boardwalk bike ride sounds pretty perfect. We just bought bikes earlier this year.. hoping to get out and bike around the neighborhood a bit.. the youngest just started with the training wheels..

    dinner tonight is a version of an egg roll in a bowl!

  6. I like this list!!! I deleted the Facebook app two years ago, FREEDOM!

  7. I’m so guilty of stocking up on things that I don’t need, especially makeup products! The Sephora sale is usually my main driver, and I need to be better about it!

  8. Amen to decluttering! That's on the top of my list for summer things to do while I'm off work. I've simply had enough. And Amen to selling stuff you're not using! That's a win-win! I love the sound of a bicycle ride on the boardwalk.. so idyllic and peaceful.

  9. I'm working on reducing clutter, too. Hello, spring cleaning...

  10. I need to delete Facebook all together, but definitely at least the app from my phone. It's hands down my least favorite social channel. And YES to voting even in the primaries <3

  11. Good to jot everything down so you can cross things off the list and not forget your initial plans and intentions. Are you deleting the FB app just to reduce distraction or for another reason? Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  12. Ah - I deleted FB from my phone during the hard time last year and it was bliss. I did eventually add it back but it's on a swipe screen away from my usual apps so I don't see that blue/white 'f' right off the bat. I meant to do early voting this year and never made it to the voting place. Looks like tomorrow's the day and there *better* be a line -- it's the one place I don't mind standing in line with a long wait, because it means my community cares.

  13. Egg roll in a bowl looks DELICIOUS. Also, I 100% need to have less clutter. I'm planning a garage sale soon and I'm SO determined to get all the excess cleaned out and cleaned up in time for that!

  14. I need to delete the facebook app too. I love egg roll in a bowl, a great filling and cheap recipe!


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