Thursday, February 15, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - imagine all the people, living life in peace

1. I've officially started counting down until my birthday (28 days) and monitoring nightly shore temps to see when we can open the house again. Please enjoy these Ides of March cupcakes I found on Pinterest.

2. I also submitted the paperwork to adopt our beach at the shore! I am so fucking excited about this, you'd think it was about winning the lottery instead of picking up trash. I put both of our names on the sign even though I didn't tell MFD about it until after I submitted it and he will likely never participate in the clean ups. He's running a campaign, he's got other shit to worry about (click here to donate).

3. Typically how I fill in Thursday Thoughts is I set up the list and will update with a tidbit that I will go back in and expand on on Wednesday night. This Wednesday, this is what that looked like at 6 pm.

4. Part of that is due to my feeling that it was just Sunday and I was sharing weekend things and now it's Thursday and I have nothing to show for the week because I have spent most nights in a Goldberg haze and I'm following the real Beverly Goldberg on Twitter and looking up what the family is doing now and this is why I don't binge watch things often. I lose time on completely inconsequential shit.

5. I have wanted to do this for years. I finally did it and fucked up all the WiFi things in the house but I don't care because my main internet is called Kellerman's and my 5G is called Johnny Castle. I changed it at the shore too, it's Thunder Road down there. I've needed the small triumphs this week.

6. The 40/40 started yesterday. I almost forgot all about it. 40 minutes of exercise for 40 days during Lent. Sundays or day of your choice off if you want. Doesn't matter what it is and it doesn't all have to be together. I started yesterday by walking at lunch and running errands while I did that.

7. I haven't had nail polish on my toes since October? I had major discoloration every time I took nail polish off so I just left it off. I think I'm ready to get back into it.

8. Every week I think I cannot possibly hate this republican administration more. Every week I am wrong. For your attention/consideration this week: Even if you think you know what immigrants can and can't do, and how they can become citizens, please read this (it will take you to a public FB status; this op/ed from two known nonpartisan writers at The Atlantic that contains the frank statement that a certain form of partisanship is now a moral necessity as the Republican party as an institution has become a danger to the rule of law and the integrity of our democracy; Sessions, the top lawyer in the land and also a racist fuck who has shown his racism many times, spoke of the "anglo-American heritage of law enforcement" because he's (one more time) a racist fuck who owns stock in private prisons and has contributed handily to the mass incarceration of brown people and I can't fucking believe he's still in that position and everyone is okay with it; this fire column from Rob Porter's ex wife who he abused - once again for the fucking world, this president is an abuser and knowingly hires abusers and they are all very fucking anti-woman, even the women. Also, for those of you with your heads still up your asses simpering things like why don't women come forward why don't women report things why don't women leave first, let me invite you to shut the fuck up and second, they don't come forward because when they do there are many people like the president and chief of staff/former military man John Kelly knew and didn't care...and despite overwhelming evidence from THREE WOMEN, the president still tweeted about how they were allegations that were going to destroy HIM. The man. The beater. I truly cannot explain my fucking rage over this.

9. Reminder: Thoughts and prayers aren't doing a damn thing for the kids gunned down in Florida yesterday. Year after year, shooting after shooting, America sits here and says it's people, not guns; it's mental illness; what about the criminals with guns?!; all it takes is a good guy with a gun and other tired bullshit as they stroke their shiny guns and worship at the altar of the gun while our children lay dead in school hallways. Meanwhile this does not happen in our  peer countries.Those countries also have people, mental illness, criminals with guns, and guns. They have much stricter laws and don't fetishize guns like we do here. It is disgusting and disgraceful and because the NRA owns so many congress people it is also a political issue. We care more about our guns than the children of this nation. What are we fucking doing here? Does it have to happen to you and your family personally before you are moved to drop the tired replies, speak up about the NRA's hold on our government, and demand change? Check out Moms Demand Action and Everytown. Get involved. It starts with us.

10. Ecard of the week:


  1. One - the WIFI change is golden.
    Two - The normalization by this administration that women are less than. RAGE.
    Three - The normalization and burying of headlines that all of these people are operating the white house without appropriate security clearances. WHERE IS THE RAGE?
    Four - If I hear one more gd thing about how we can't jump to conclusions that a law could not have prevented YET ANOTHER SCHOOL SHOOTING (looking at you, Rubio)... I'm going to hit something. Why can't we try? OH BECAUSE THE NRA OWNS OUR GOVERNMENT.

  2. Kellerman's is the best WIFI name ever!! I just put nail polish on my toes for the first time Sunday since around November.

    I cant even comment about this school shooting right now. It blows my mind that we have so many that a lot of the country is pretty much desensitized by this type of news. The fact that children cant even feel 100% safe in our schools is beyond messed up.

  3. You hit the nail on the head with fetishizing guns here. That is the main problem! I am so sad how desensitized this country is to mass shootings. I need to donate to MFD and to Mom's demand action, I follow them on social media and am so impressed with them. I wish I could send you the weather we are having here (summer already) so you could get to the shore. I want to go to the beach so bad now that we have highs in the 80's already. Love your wifi names, it really is the little things!

  4. I wish I was smart enough to know how to change our WiFi info - I'd totally change it to something beauty & the Beast ;)

  5. The new wi-fi names are much needed lightness in a week full of darkness. I sincerely don't understand the Republican party. I don't understand women who hate other women. I don't understand how they stay. I don't understand why we put guns on such a freaking high pedestal that we continue to allow KIDS to be murdered and do nothing. How gun ownership is right but healthcare is privilege. I remember when I lived in MN and the first pedicure of the season. I'd feel so bad and apologize profusely to the technician but when you don't pay attention to your toes all winter long, they kind of yucky. I'm sure you're thrilled that I left you with that glorious image. :D

  6. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why we can't prioritize gun control. Maybe shoot the entire NRA?

  7. Beverly Goldberg is my favorite. Erica (my Erica, not the Goldbergs' Erica) watch it every single day. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

    I have been trying to find the words to describe my feelings on yesterday. I keep starting and stopping paragraphs and tweets. But I'm stuck. I did read Bess Kalb's tweets and one linked to a database where you can see which representatives and senators received NRA money and how much. Delaware might not have much, but none of ours have taken blood money and that's okay by me. That's more important than having a sports team at this point.

  8. I just read a post from someone on facebook about how the problem is mental illness. WHY OH WHY cant we realize that it's that AND guns??? What in the world are people so afraid of when its been said again and again, the government doesnt want to take your guns, they want dangerous ones like automatic and smi-auto's not available to the public. They want regulations. And, I'm sorry if it's "mental illness" then lets get some freaking HEALTHCARE that actually addresses mental illness, and I dunno...not allow people WITH mental freaking illness to get GUNS!!!!! I am SO effing mad about all of this. It is terrifying! No one's "right" to have guns is more important than the life of a child...or anyone!

    1. Also, the rights of an unborn baby also has more "rights" according to these people than those kids who were MURDERED yesterday. Because of guns. UGHHHHHHH

  9. The non-default wifi names should be a requirement - yours are great!

    I can't process what happened yesterday - can't fathom it - want to deny it.

  10. I feel so powerless re: the tragic shooting in Florida. Tweeting and donating to Everytown makes me feel a little less powerless. But, it's sickening that one of my Texas senator's response was to say "Social media platforms should be doing more." GTFO.

  11. All this. I wish slow, easy days at the beach for you very fucking soon.

  12. What they tell us to do at school is "trust" our judgment and make a decision. Unsettling.

    If we studied our peer countries in general, we'd learn a lot.

  13. I've somehow never heard of 40/40 but that's an excellent idea. My 2018 goal was to constantly be involved in some sort of workout regime (I subscribed to Beach Body on Demand) to keep me involved with daily exercise so I totally get the 40/40 theme of accountability. Also, totally with you about the nail polish. A September pedicure for a wedding was my last time. It looks like I have red french tips now.

  14. I love the cupcakes! Yay for The Goldbergs! I'm not a sitcom person, but that one is so good. It's got heart and laughs and nostalgia for miles. Love your wifi names. Ours is BananaStand. I took my toe polish off in November. I had weird white lines all over my nails! They are finally back to normal just in time for a pre-vacation pedi.

  15. Those cupcakes are awesome! And they look delicious, too.
    Completely agree with # 8 & 9. Completely.


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