Monday, February 26, 2018

TWTW - the one with the friends

Friday night dinner at Parx Grill with Frank & Amanda followed by entertainment by the hilarious Jim Breuer, and then we met up with my brother and Aubrey and other friends after. I was in a casino AND out until 11:30 on a Friday. Alert the media. We got home and I shredded chicken for Saturday while MFD washed both couches because of dog poop incidents. People arriving at 10 am Saturday? It's fine. Perfect timing for a poopacalypse.
Up and at it early on Saturday morning. I was out at the store and back, then I finished the shredded BBQ chicken in the crockpot, zucchini pie, and spinach casserole and frantically picked up the house and set up for coffee and breakfast. In a race against the clock, I did not make it into the shower before campaign volunteers arrived so hair washing was sacrificed for the cause. File under: you can't do it all. Team Debbie/me/Bruce were out on the morning and afternoon shift and Bruce got himself a seat at the table numerous times and it was so awesome to see my friend since elementary school Bridget both days this weekend. MFD has had awesome people out to volunteer for him the past two weekends - framily and people we've known forever and some we've just met in the past year. It's very humbling for people to give up their time for you.
Golden Girls Murder Mystery Dinner at the Cock 'n Bull (lol lol lolol) restaurant in Peddler's Village with some fine ladies on Saturday night, including the second night in a row I hung out with Amanda. The dessert was of course cheesecake because GOLDEN GIRLS. The poor three women sharing the table with the six of us were subject to poop and vomit stories as well as aggressive adult stories. At one point they were literally silent with their mouths hanging open.
Sunday I was up and out by 8:30 to DD then to visit my most adorable niece and nephew then off to ShopRite to pick up a few things. Another race against the clock to clear the kitchen from the day before, wipe down the bathrooms, get towels going, and pick up the house before volunteers arrived. I barely made it and definitely no shower until 2 pm so they saw me in all of my day old makeup and t-shirt glory. Bruce ate a coaster and made an enormous fucking mess while I was showering. I made soup for volunteers and did some campaign work while I stared at my book wishing I was reading it. I did finish it Sunday evening.  Oh and I painted my janky chipped nails before the Golden Girls Saturday night (Essie Swept Off My Feet and Essie Penny Talk).

Weekly food prep: lol. TBD. Maybe next weekend. 

Was it even the weekend? How was yours?

Happy birthday to my mother-in-law today! 


  1. You pack so much into your weekend days I'm exhausted just reading it LOL! xo,Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Oh that Murder Mystery dinner sounds fun!
    I did Shop Rite as well but it was a big delivery fail. How can you be out of 8 things I ordered ??
    It also included a birthday party for my nephew and spaghetti dinner for the local Boy Scouts.
    Ooo and a mini shopping spree.

  3. That a Golden Girls Mystery Dinner even exists, just adds to the reason I love life

  4. I had no idea that there was a Golden Girls Mystery Dinner!! Oh my what fun!!!

  5. The Golden Girls dinner sounds like something I need to do. Also I love that you have people around the two of you supporting and sharing their time for you. One of the best gifts we have in this life.

  6. Yay to Peddler's Village, Golden Girls, spinach casserole, and good friends! I did nothing of importance this weekend except finally finish the second edit of my book, which was monumental.

  7. Reghan was here all weekend! Sadly, she was forced to accompany me to the Red Cross donation site and to watch me donate... she is terified of needles, but apparently has no qualms about her beloved Nana undergoing the dreaded procedure. She sat patiently the whole hour and a half, never complained once. Needless to say, a DD donut was in order. Later she had to accompany me to Mass with the church ladies. Again, while not a churchgoer, she was an 8 year old angel. McDonald's ensued. Sunday we checked out the progress at Sean's new house. A fun weekend, remarkably with NO POOPACALYPSE!

  8. I love that shimmery polish.
    The murder mystery dinner sounds awesome!
    We saw Jim Breuer a few years ago. He was hysterical!

  9. Golden Girls mystery dinner?? How fun!!! I am sure that the people you shared the table with silently loved your poop stories. You had a lot going on, as usual! You would be so bored spending a weekend with me.

  10. My book club gals are obsessed with Golden Girls and murder mystery, we may have to take our show on the road! That sounds so fun. You crammed so much in this weekend! I am so glad y'all have a great team helping you with the campaign! Of course there has to be poop and coaster eating when people are coming over, those dogs!

  11. You packed a ton of fun into your weekend! Sometimes I don't know how you fit so much in but more power to you! How did you like that book? Always looking for great recommendations especially from serious book readers like yourself. Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  12. Hey Steph! I cannot wait to hear what you thought of that book, The Wife Between Us. I read it last month and... I love to get your take on books and you said you finished it so that's saying something. I would have absolutely loved to go to Golden Girls!!! Sounds like so much fun!!

  13. LOL... Golden Girls Murder Mystery dinner. Best. Theme. Ever. I literally had to read it three times to realize that you were completely serious because it's so unexpected and brilliant.


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